1Amending the act of December 19, 1990 (P.L.1200, No.202),
2entitled "An act providing for the registration and
3regulation of solicitations by charitable organizations,
4professional fundraisers and other solicitors; imposing
5additional powers on the Department of State and the Office
6of Attorney General; prescribing civil and criminal
7penalties; and making a repeal," further providing for
8registration of charitable organizations, financial reports,
9fees and failure to file.

10The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
11hereby enacts as follows:

12Section 1. <-Section 5(a) of the act of December 19, 1990 
13(P.L.1200, No.202), known as the Solicitation of Funds for 
14Charitable Purposes Act, is amended to read: <-Section 5(a) and 
15(k) of the act of December 19, 1990 (P.L.1200, No.202), known as 
16the Solicitation of Funds for Charitable Purposes Act, are 
17amended to read:

18Section 5. Registration of charitable organizations; financial

1reports; fees; failure to file.

2(a) Registration and approval required.--A charitable
3organization, unless exempted from registration requirements
4pursuant to section 6, shall file a registration statement with
5the department. This statement must be refiled annually [within
6135 days after] by the fifteenth day of the fifth month 
7following the close of its fiscal year in which the charitable
8organization was engaged in solicitation activities. The
9department shall review the statement pursuant to subsection
10(r). No charitable organization shall solicit contributions or
11have contributions solicited in its behalf before approval of
12its registration statement by the department.

13* * *

<-14(k) Time extension for filings.--For good cause shown, the 
15department may extend the time for the annual filing of a 
16registration statement or financial report [for a period not to 
17exceed 180 days] to a date not to exceed the fifteenth day of 
18the eleventh month following the close of the fiscal year during 
19which time the previous registration remains in effect.

20* * *

21Section 2. This act shall take effect in 60 days.