No. 253 Session of 1976

        INTRODUCED BY WARGO, MAY 18, 1976


                           In the House of Representatives, May 18, 1976

     1     WHEREAS, Independence National Park encompasses the most
     2  historic square mile in the United States, including
     3  Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence and the
     4  Constitution were drafted and signed; and
     5     WHEREAS, The many historic buildings that lie within the
     6  boundaries of the park were allowed to deteriorate because of
     7  official neglect and the decay of the surrounding urban
     8  environment until the early 1950's; and
     9     WHEREAS, Through the concern, dedication, energy and
    10  foresight of a number of citizens of Philadelphia, including the
    11  late Judge Edwin O. Lewis, the historic area surrounding
    12  Independence Hall was made a National park in 1951; and
    13     WHEREAS, Through the joint efforts of the United States
    14  Government, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the City of
    15  Philadelphia, and the people of Philadelphia, Independence
    16  National Park is now a beautiful park and a fitting shrine for
    17  the ideals on which our Federal Government is founded; and
    18     WHEREAS, Independence National Park has served as a catalyst

     1  for the revitalization of the surrounding community; and
     2     WHEREAS, Superintendent Hobart Cawood and the staff of
     3  Independence National Park have done an outstanding job of
     4  preparing the historic area for the enormous influx of tourists
     5  from the United States and foreign countries during the
     6  Bicentennial Year of 1976; and
     7     WHEREAS, Independence National Park served as host to the
     8  Pennsylvania General Assembly for its special Bicentennial
     9  session on May 19, 1976, in Judge Edwin O. Lewis Quadrangle;
    10  therefore be it
    11     RESOLVED, (the Senate concurring) That the General Assembly
    12  of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania does express its
    13  appreciation to Hobart Cawood, Superintendent of Independence
    14  National Park, and to his staff for their courtesy not only to
    15  the General Assembly but to all visitors to Philadelphia during
    16  1976; and be it further
    17     RESOLVED, That a copy of this resolution be transmitted to
    18  the Honorable Thomas Kleppe, United States Secretary of the
    19  Interior, to Gary Everhardt, Director of the National Park
    20  Service, and to Hobart Cawood, Superintendent, Independence
    21  National Park.

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