S1312B2087A08074 BIL:AJC 06/24/14 #90 A08074







Printer's No. 2087


1Amend Bill, page 1, line 2, by inserting after "Statutes,"

2 in certificate of title and security interests, further
3providing for transfer of ownership of vehicles used for
4human habitation;

5Amend Bill, page 1, lines 12 and 13, by striking out all of
6said lines and inserting

7Section 1. Section 1111.1(a) of Title 75 of the Pennsylvania
8Consolidated Statutes, added April 18, 2014 (P.L.430, No.36), is
9amended to read:

10§ 1111.1. Transfer of ownership of vehicles used for human

12(a) Tax status certification.--If a mobile home or 
13manufactured home that has been anchored to the ground to 
14facilitate connections with electricity, water and sewerage, and 
15previously titled to a person using the mobile home or 
16manufactured home as a residence, is offered for sale or 
17transfer, the transferor shall obtain a tax status certification 
18from the tax claim bureau of the county in which the mobile home 
19or manufactured home is situated showing the real estate taxes 
20due on the mobile home or manufactured home, as shown by the 
21bureau's records as of the date of the certification. The tax 
22status certification shall be provided to the transferee and the 
23department in conjunction with the transfer of the mobile home 
24or manufactured home and shall include the following:

25(1) The parcel number assigned to the vehicle.

26(2) The amount of current or delinquent taxes owed from
27the parcel number.

28(3) The date upon which a tax for the parcel number will
29accrue and the taxing period that the tax will cover.

30(4) The addresses and telephone numbers of the tax
31collection authority and tax claim bureau or equivalent

33* * *

34Section 2. Sections 3742(b) and 4923(a) of Title 75 are
35amended to read:

36Amend Bill, page 3, line 11, by striking out "2" and


2 3

3Amend Bill, page 4, line 16, by striking out "3" and

5 4

6Amend Bill, page 4, line 27, by striking out "4" and

8 5


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