S0700B1260A03009 BIL:JMM 06/28/13 #90 A03009







Printer's No. 1260


1Amend Bill, page 3, line 13, by striking out "Four" and

3 Six

4Amend Bill, page 3, line 15, by striking out "Two" and 

6 Four

7Amend Bill, page 3, lines 21 through 24, by striking out all
8of said lines

9Amend Bill, page 5, line 16, by striking out "and county 

11Amend Bill, page 5, line 19, by striking out "The" and 

13 Two

14Amend Bill, page 5, line 20, by striking out "or three years" 
15and inserting

16 years and two appointees under subsection (c)(3)(i) shall
17serve an initial term of three years,

18Amend Bill, page 5, lines 24 and 25, by striking out all of
19said lines

20Amend Bill, page 5, lines 27 and 28, by striking out "and the 
21appointments made by the caucus of county council members under 
22subsection (c)(4)"

23Amend Bill, page 5, line 30; page 6, line 1, by striking out

1"and the caucus of county council" in line 30 on page 5 and 
2"members" in line 1 on page 6

3Amend Bill, page 6, line 6, by striking out "The Allegheny 
4Council of Governments" and inserting

5 Councils of Government with constituent members in the 

7Amend Bill, page 6, lines 8 through 15, by striking out all
8of said lines and inserting

9(2) (Reserved).

10Amend Bill, page 6, line 28, by inserting after "shall"

11 not

12Amend Bill, page 6, line 28, by inserting a bracket before

14Amend Bill, page 6, line 28, by inserting a bracket after

16Amend Bill, page 6, line 29, by inserting a bracket before

18Amend Bill, page 6, line 29, by inserting after "and"

19] but

20Amend Bill, page 7, by inserting between lines 12 and 13

21(4.1) The consent of at least seven members of the board
22shall be necessary to take action on behalf of the authority.

23(4.2) Board action on the following matters will be tabled
24upon motion and second by the two board members appointed
25pursuant to subsection (c)(2) by officers of the General
26Assembly who are not of the same political party affiliation as
27the county executive:

28(i) Adopting bylaws.

29(ii) Appointing a chief executive officer.

30(iii) Authorizing bonds, other borrowing and leases.

31(iv) Approving contracts which will entail expenditures in
32excess of five million dollars.

33Amend Bill, page 8, line 18, by striking out "one hundred 
34eighty" and inserting

1 two hundred seventy


See A03009 in
the context
of SB0700