S0031B1826A06056 BIL:BTW 03/17/14 #90 A06056







Printer's No. 1826


1Amend Bill, page 1, line 3, by striking out "and" and
2inserting a comma

3Amend Bill, page 1, line 4, by inserting after "procedure"

4 and for investigating performance of county agency

5Amend Bill, page 9, line 15, by inserting a bracket before

7Amend Bill, page 9, line 16, by striking out the bracket
8before "and"

9Amend Bill, page 9, line 16, by striking out the bracket
10after "employees"

11Amend Bill, page 9, line 16, by inserting a bracket after

13Amend Bill, page 9, line 19, by striking out "Section 6311 
146311(c) of Title 23 is" and inserting

15 Sections 6311(c) and 6343(c)(3) of Title 23 are

16Amend Bill, page 23, by inserting between lines 20 and 21

17§ 6343. Investigating performance of county agency.

18* * *

19(c) Department reviews and reports of child fatalities and
20near fatalities.--

21* * *

22(3) Prior to completing its report, the department may
23release the following information to the public concerning a
24child who died or nearly died as a result of suspected or
25substantiated child abuse:

26(i) The identity of the child, only in the case of a

1child's fatality.

2(ii) If the child was in the custody of a public or
3private agency, the identity of the agency.

4(iii) The identity of the public or private agency
5under contract with a county agency to provide services
6to the child and the child's family in the child's home
7prior to the child's death or near fatality.

8(iv) A description of services provided under
9subparagraph (iii).

10(v) The identity of the county agency that convened
11a child fatality or near fatality review team with
12respect to the child.

13* * *

14Amend Bill, page 31, line 1, by inserting after "child"

15, only in the case of a child's fatality


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