S0031B1430A03868 AJB:SRA 10/11/13 #90 A03868







Printer's No. 1430


1Amend Bill, page 2, lines 6 through 21, by striking out all
2of said lines

3Amend Bill, page 4, line 17, by inserting after "and "

4restricts visitation to include supervised custody or

5Amend Bill, page 6, by inserting between lines 11 and 12

6"Independent contractor." An individual who provides a
7program, activity or service to an agency, institution,
8organization or other entity, including a school or regularly
9established religious organization, that is responsible for the
10care, supervision, guidance or control of children. The term
11does not include an individual who has no direct contact with

13Amend Bill, page 8, lines 4 through 8, by striking out "that"
14in line 4, all of lines 5 through 7 and "the child" in line 8
15and inserting

16 [and employees]

17Amend Bill, page 15, lines 6 and 7, by striking out all of
18said lines and inserting

19 report of suspected child abuse to the department via the
20Statewide toll-free telephone number under section 6332
21(relating to establishment of Statewide toll-free telephone
22number) or a written report using electronic technologies under
23section 6304 (relating to electronic reporting).

24Amend Bill, page 15, line 18, by inserting after "notify"

25 immediately thereafter


See A03868 in
the context
of SB0031