H0925R4072A09499 MSP:JMT 09/16/14 #90 A09499







Printer's No. 4072


1Amend Resolution, page 1, line 2, by striking out "wind 
2turbines" and inserting

3 energy facilities

4Amend Resolution, page 1, line 6, by striking out

6Amend Resolution, page 1, line 7, by striking out "Wind 
7turbines" and inserting

8 Energy facilities

9Amend Resolution, page 1, line 8, by striking out "onshore 

11Amend Resolution, page 1, line 11, by striking out "onshore 
12and offshore wind"

13Amend Resolution, page 2, line 3, by striking out "wind 
14turbines" and inserting

15 energy facilities

16Amend Resolution, page 2, line 5, by striking out "wind 
17turbines" and inserting

18 energy facilities

19Amend Resolution, page 2, line 6, by striking out "wind 
20turbines" and inserting

21 energy facilities

22Amend Resolution, page 2, lines 9 through 11, by striking out
23"wind turbines, as compared" in line 9, all of line 10 and "and

1oil" in line 11 and inserting

2 energy sources

3Amend Resolution, page 2, line 13, by striking out "wind 
4turbines'" and inserting

5 energy facilities'

6Amend Resolution, page 2, lines 14 and 15, by striking out ", 
7as compared to other sources of energy, such as coal, natural 
8gas, nuclear and oil"

9Amend Resolution, page 2, line 17, by striking out "wind 
10turbines'" and inserting

11 energy facilities'

12Amend Resolution, page 2, line 20, by striking out "wind 
13energy" and inserting

14 energy facilities

15Amend Resolution, page 2, line 24, by striking out "wind 
16energy in relation to"


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