H2124B3481A07233 VDL:JSL 06/02/14 #90 A07233







Printer's No. 3481


1Amend Bill, page 1, line 11, by striking out "and,"

2Amend Bill, page 1, line 19, by striking out "and"

3Amend Bill, page 1, line 20, by inserting after

5 and for reimbursement for school districts not submitting
6required documentation; and imposing a duty on the State
7Public School Building Authority

8Amend Bill, page 12, line 25, by striking out "2574(b), 
9(b.1), (c)" and inserting

10 2574(b.1)

11Amend Bill, page 12, lines 26 and 27, by striking out "June 
1212, 1968 (P.L.192, No.96), July 10, 1987 (P.L.286, No.50),"

13Amend Bill, page 12, lines 28 and 29, by striking out "and 
14the section is amended by adding a subsection"

15Amend Bill, page 13, lines 3 through 30; page 14, lines 1
16through 30; page 15, lines 1 through 27, by striking out all of
17said lines on said pages

18Amend Bill, page 16, lines 17 through 30; pages 17 through
1919, lines 1 through 30; page 20, lines 1 through 7, by striking
20out all of said lines on said pages

21Amend Bill, page 21, lines 19 through 23, by striking out all
22of said lines

1Amend Bill, page 25, line 5, by striking out "a section" and

3 sections

4Amend Bill, page 25, line 11, by inserting after "project"

5 that has received all required approvals from the department
6for Commonwealth reimbursement

7Amend Bill, page 25, line 19, by inserting after "district."

8 A school district that does not agree to a lump sum payment
9under this section shall remain eligible for the total allowable
10construction or reconstruction reimbursement provided for under
11Article XXV of this act.

12Amend Bill, page 25, lines 29 and 30; page 26, lines 1
13through 9, by striking out all of said lines on said pages and

15 each school district construction or reconstruction project
16receives approval for Commonwealth reimbursement by the
17department. A school district that does not agree to a lump sum
18payment under this section shall retain its place in the order
19in which the department reimburses school districts.

20Amend Bill, page 26, line 10, by striking out "(e)" and

22 (d)

23Amend Bill, page 26, by inserting between lines 12 and 13

24Section 2582. Reimbursement for School Districts Not
25Submitting Required Documentation.--(a) (1) Each school
26district that, as of the effective date of this section, has
27received department approval for Commonwealth reimbursement of a
28construction or reconstruction project, but has not submitted
29all additional project documentation requested by the department
30following such approval within three (3) months after the
31department's request for such documentation, shall submit the
32required documentation by October 31, 2014.

33(2) Each school district that has received department
34approval for Commonwealth reimbursement of a construction or
35reconstruction project as of the effective date of this section
36and receives a request for additional project documentation from
37the department following such approval and after the effective
38date of this section, shall submit the required documentation
39within three (3) months of the date of the request.

40(b) Each project for which a school district fails to comply
41with subsection (a) shall be removed indefinitely from the order

1in which the department reimburses school districts until the
2school district's required documentation has been approved for
3Commonwealth reimbursement of the project.

4(c) When a project is removed from the reimbursement order
5under subsection (b), the department shall advance all projects
6which are not out of compliance with subsection (a) in the
7reimbursement order without regard for the former reimbursement

9(d) Upon the department's approval of documentation
10submitted by a school district for a project that was removed
11from the reimbursement order under subsection (b), the
12department shall return the project to the reimbursement order
13based upon the date of that approval.

14(e) No later than twelve (12) months after the effective
15date of this section, the department shall develop such rules
16and guidelines as may be necessary to implement this section,
17including a process through which the department may grant
18waivers to school districts that are in the process of
19reconciling financial records, or are facing litigation or bond
20refinancing delays on the project for which the school district
21fails to comply with subsection (a).

22Amend Bill, page 26, by inserting between lines 21 and 22

23Section 9. For the 2014-2015 fiscal year and each fiscal
24year thereafter, the State Public School Building Authority
25shall assist all school districts with refinancing projects that
26are currently receiving State reimbursement for a portion of
27their school construction costs to make additional funds
28available through which to provide State reimbursement to
29projects that have not yet begun receiving State reimbursement.

30Amend Bill, page 26, line 22, by striking out "9" and 

32 10


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