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1Amend Bill, page 1, line 12, by striking out "and"

2Amend Bill, page 1, line 14, by striking out the period after
3"Bridge" and inserting

4 ; and designating the bridge located on State Route 1003, Old 
5York Road, over the Pennsylvania Turnpike, in Fairview 
6Township, York County, as the Staff Sergeant Guy E. Shelley 
7Memorial Bridge.

8Amend Bill, page 6, by inserting between lines 8 and 9

9Section 6. Staff Sergeant Guy E. Shelley Memorial Bridge

10(a) Findings.--The General Assembly finds and declares as

12(1) Guy E. Shelley was born in Harrisburg and resided in
13nearby New Cumberland at the time of his military service.

14(2) Staff Sergeant Shelley was a Gunner and the
15Assistant Flight Engineer on the Lady Be Good, an American B-
1624D Liberator stationed in Soluch, Libya. This small desert
17airstrip was about 34 miles southeast of Benghazi.

18(3) On April 4, 1943, the Lady Be Good was one of 25
19bombers of the 514th/376th Bomb Squadron of the United States
20Army Air Forces that took off in a sandstorm to strike
21Naples, Italy. The 700-mile mission began at 3:10 p.m.

22(4) The Lady Be Good was the only B-24 that did not
23safely return and, at approximately 2 a.m., the Liberator ran
24out of fuel, and her crew bailed out some 440 miles southeast
25of Soluch.

26(5) Most of the nine-member crew survived the crash and
27lived more than a week with little water or food in a desert
28with 130 degree daytime temperatures and nighttime
29temperatures of 35 degrees. Eight of the crew trekked 85
30miles from the crash site, with three members, including
31Staff Sergeant Shelley, traveling an additional 20-plus miles
32in search of rescue. All crew members died in the desert
33despite their valiant efforts to survive.

34(6) Wreckage of the B-24 was eventually discovered, and
35the remains of Staff Sergeant Shelley and his Lady Be Good

1crewmates were recovered 17 years after the crash and
2returned to the United States for interment.

3(b) Designation.--The bridge located on State Route 1003,
4Old York Road, over the Pennsylvania Turnpike, in Fairview
5Township, York County, is hereby designated the Staff Sergeant
6Guy E. Shelley Memorial Bridge.

7(c) Signs.--The Department of Transportation shall erect and
8maintain appropriate signs displaying the name of the bridge to
9traffic in both directions on the bridge.

10Amend Bill, page 6, line 9, by striking out "6" and inserting

11 7


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