H1907B3133A06442 KMK:NLH 04/01/14 #90 A06442







Printer's No. 3133


1Amend Bill, page 1, line 2, by striking out "billing 

3Amend Bill, page 2, lines 2 through 10, by striking out
4"Within 90 days of the effective date of this" in line 2, all of
5lines 3 through 9 and "facility or home-based and community-
6based care" in line 10 and inserting

7 A hospital shall provide notice to a patient or patient's
8designee of the patient's outpatient status, and information
9that provides a general description of outpatient observation

11Amend Bill, page 2, lines 19 through 30; page 3, lines 1
12through 3, by striking out all of said lines on said pages and

14(b) Contents.--A patient notice required under subsection
15(a) shall include a statement that:

16(1) outpatient observation status may impact coverage
17determinations made by the Federal Medicare Program or the
18patient's insurance company for hospital and posthospital

20(2) final decisions related to outpatient observation
21status can be made after a patient is no longer a patient at
22the hospital and after a patient has received hospital
23services or other services; and

24(3) a patient should contact Medicare, Medicaid or any
25other insurance provider if the patient has specific
26questions about the coverage.

27(c) Information.--A hospital shall provide information to a
28patient concerning observation status as follows:

29(1) by written notice; and

30(2) by oral notice, which must include a summary of the
31notice provided under paragraph (1) or, at the request of the
32patient, the notice provided under paragraph (1).

1Section 4. Change in status.

2If, during or after a patient receives a hospital service, a
3patient's inpatient stay is later recategorized, a hospital
4shall not be responsible for a coverage implication or notice
5requirement under the act.

6Amend Bill, page 3, lines 15 and 16, by striking out "July 1, 
72014, or immediately, whichever is later" and inserting

8 in 180 days


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