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1Amend Bill, page 1, line 3, by striking out the period after
2"Bridge" and inserting

3; and designating the interchange at the crossing of State Route
40033 and Main Street (State Route 1022) in Palmer Township,
5Northampton County, as the Charles Chrin Interchange.

6Amend Bill, page 2, by inserting between lines 23 and 24

7Section 2. Charles Chrin Interchange.

8(a) Findings and declarations.--The General Assembly finds
9and declares as follows:

10(1) Charles Chrin was born May 9, 1924, in Ormrod,

12(2) Mr. Chrin has been a successful businessman with
13diverse interests for over 65 years.

14(3) In 1955, Mr. Chrin cofounded the Charles Chrin
15Companies, with offices in Palmer Township and Williams
16Township, Northampton County. He currently serves as
17president of the Charles Chrin Companies, which include solid
18waste hauling, quarry, recycling and disposal businesses, as
19well as a full line of site contracting services and real
20estate development. The Charles Chrin Companies employ over
21100 individuals in the Lehigh Valley.

22(4) Among the Charles Chrin Companies' projects in the
23Lehigh Valley are the Chrin Commerce Center, the Charles
24Chrin Commons, the Woodlands Professional Building, the
25Parkview Estates and the Chipman Court. In addition, the
26Charles Chrin Companies partnered with PPL Renewable Energy
27and in 2011 dedicated a landfill gas-to-energy power project
28in Williams Township.

29(5) In 2004, Mr. Chrin Partnered with Palmer Township on
30the design and construction of the Charles Chrin Community
31Center, which has become a well-recognized venue for civic
32and community activities and special events.

33(6) Mr. Chrin is a member of St. John the Baptist
34Ukrainian Parish in Northampton and many community and
35professional organizations.

36(7) Charles Chrin and the Charles Chrin Companies were
37instrumental in the development of the public-private

1partnership that obtained all the public approvals, financing
2and design and engineering for a new interchange at the
3crossing of State Route 0033 and Main Street (State Route
41022) in Palmer Township, Northampton County.

5(8) Groundbreaking for the interchange occurred on
6January 31, 2013, and construction commenced in September
72013, with an anticipated opening in late 2014.

8(9) Mr. Chrin has volunteered extensively in church and
9civic activities over the years, has invested heavily in the
10development of the Lehigh Valley and is a highly respected
11member of his community.

12(b) Designation.--The interchange at the crossing of State
13Route 0033 and Main Street (State Route 1022) in Palmer
14Township, Northampton County, is hereby designated and shall be
15known as the Charles Chrin Interchange.

16(c) Signs.--The Department of Transportation shall erect and
17maintain appropriate signs to traffic in both directions to
18indicate the designation under subsection (b).

19Amend Bill, page 2, line 24, by striking out "2" and 

21 3


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