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Printer's No. 2194


1Amend Bill, page 1, line 1, by striking out "S.R." and

3 State Route

4Amend Bill, page 1, line 3, by inserting after "Bridge"

5; and designating a portion of State Route 23 in West 
6Hempfield Township, Lancaster County, as the SFC Brent 
7Adams Memorial Road

8Amend Bill, page 2, line 21, by striking out "S.R." and 

10 State Route

11Amend Bill, page 2, by inserting between lines 27 and 28

12Section 2.  SFC Brent Adams Memorial Road.

13(a)  Findings.--

14(1)  SFC Brent Adams was a native of West Hempfield
15Township, Lancaster County.

16(2)  SFC Adams graduated from Hempfield High School in
171983 and later from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

18(3)  SFC Adams served in the Pennsylvania Army National
19Guard for almost 18 years and was killed in action on
20December 1, 2005, in Ramadi, Iraq.

21(4)  SFC Adams was awarded the Bronze Star and a Purple

23(5)  Before his deployment to Iraq, SFC Adams was
24employed by Sprint in Pittsburgh and was president of his
25church council.

26(6)  SFC Adams was the beloved father of Daniel Adams,
27beloved son of Barbara and John Benard, beloved grandson of
28K. Arlene Wimer, beloved brother of Melissa Adams and beloved
29uncle to Alexandria, Lillian and Michael Nalevanko.

30(b)  Designation.--State Route 23 from the intersection of
31Ivy Drive to the intersection of Prospect Road in West Hempfield
32Township, Lancaster County, is hereby designated as the SFC
33Brent Adams Memorial Road.

1(c)  Signs.--The Department of Transportation shall erect and 
2maintain appropriate signs to display the name of the road to 
3traffic in both directions.

4Amend Bill, page 2, line 28, by striking out "2" and 

6 3


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