H1177B1958A02135 BIL:CDM 06/12/13 #90 A02135







Printer's No. 1958


1Amend Bill, page 1, lines 9 through 11, by striking out all
2of said lines and inserting

3Section 1. Section 735.1(c), (d)(3), (e)(3), (g)(1) and (l)
4(6) and (7) of Title 53 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated
5Statutes are amended and subsection (l) is amended by adding a
6paragraph to read:

7Amend Bill, page 1, by inserting between lines 14 and 15

8(c) Contents.--A petition shall set forth:

9(1) The name of the municipality from which the signers
10of the petition were obtained.

11(2) The names of the municipalities proposed to be
12consolidated or merged.

13(2.1) An estimated cost of the study commission.

14(3) The number of persons to compose the commission.

15(4) The petition question which shall read as follows:

16Shall a Government Study Commission of (seven, nine
17or eleven) members be elected to study the issue of
18consolidation or merger of (municipalities to be
19consolidated or merged); to provide a recommendation
20on consolidation or merger; to consider the
21advisability of the adoption of a new home rule
22charter; and to draft a new home rule charter, if
23recommended in the report of the commission?

24(5) The petition shall also include the following

26Only municipalities voting in the affirmative on the
27question will be held responsible for the costs of
28the study commission.

29(d) Filing of petition and duty of election board.--

30* * *

31(3) At the next general, municipal or primary election
32occurring not less than the 13th Tuesday after the filing of
33the petition with the county board of elections, it shall
34cause the appropriate question and statement listed under 
35subsection (c)(4) and (5) to be submitted to the electors of
36each of the municipalities proposed to be consolidated or
37merged in the same manner as other questions are submitted

1under the act of June 3, 1937 (P.L.1333, No.320), known as
2the Pennsylvania Election Code.


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