H0468B0475A00821 AJM:JSL 04/15/13 #90 A00821







Printer's No. 475


1Amend Bill, page 1, line 11, by inserting after "providing "

2for property tax and rent rebate,

3Amend Bill, page 1, line 12, by inserting after "claim"

4 and for funds for payment of claims

5Amend Bill, page 1, lines 15 through 17, by striking out all
6of said lines and inserting

7Section 1. Section 1304(a)(2) of the act of June 27, 2006 
8(1st Sp.Sess., P.L.1873, No.1), known as the Taxpayer Relief 
9Act, is amended to read:

10Section 1304. Property tax; and rent rebate.

11(a) Schedule of rebates.--

12* * *

13(2) The following apply:

14(i) The base amount of any claim for property tax
15rebate for real property taxes due and payable during
16calendar year 2006 and thereafter shall be determined in
17accordance with the following schedule:


19Household Income


Amount of Real Property Taxes

Allowed as Rebate

20$ 0 - $ 8,000


[$650] $750

21 8,001 - 15,000


[500] 600

22 15,001 - 18,000


[300] 400

23 18,001 - 35,000


[250] 350

24 35,001 - 40,000



25 40,001 - 45,000



26(ii) The supplemental amount for a claimant with a
27household income equal to or less than $30,000 and an
28eligible claim for property tax rebate for real property
29taxes due and payable during the calendar year preceding
30the first year in which a payment under section 505(b) is
31made and each year thereafter and whose real property
32taxes exceed 15% of the claimant's household income shall
33be equal to 50% of the base amount determined under
34subparagraph (i). A claimant who is a resident of a city
35of the first class, a city of the second class A or a

1school district of the first class A shall be ineligible
2for the supplemental amount under this subparagraph.

3* * *

4Section 2. Section 1305(d) of the act is amended by adding a 
5paragraph to read:

6Amend Bill, page 2, by inserting between lines 20 and 21

7Section 3. Section 1308 of the act is amended by adding a
8subsection to read:

9Section 1308. Funds for payment of claims.

10* * *

11(c) Transfer from State Lottery.--The difference between the
12sum of the amount of claims paid in fiscal year 2012-2013 and
13the amount of approved claims to be paid in fiscal year 2013-
142014 and each year thereafter shall be paid out of the State

16Amend Bill, page 2, line 21, by striking out "2" and 

18 4


See A00821 in
the context
of HB0468