H0091B4289A10362 VDL:JSL 10/14/14 #90 A10362







Printer's No. 4289


1Amend Bill, page 2, line 2, by inserting after "definitions"

2 and for establishment of contracting authority

3Amend Bill, page 68, line 14, by striking out "definition of 
4"contracting authority"" and inserting

5 definitions of "contracting authority" and "pilot zone"

6Amend Bill, page 68, line 16, by striking out "is" and 

8 are

9Amend Bill, page 68, by inserting between lines 29 and 30

10"Pilot zone." An area of not more than 130 acres designated
11by the contracting authority following application and approval
12by the Department of Community and Economic Development, the
13office and the department which will provide economic
14development and job creation within a township or borough, with
15a population of at least 7,000 based on the most recent Federal
16decennial census.

17* * *

18Section 12.1 Section 1803-C of the act, added July 9, 2013 
19(P.L.270, No.52), is amended to read:

20Section 1803-C. Establishment of contracting authority.

21(a) [Cities] Authorization.--Except as set forth in
22subsection (b), a city, borough or township may establish a
23contracting authority to designate a zone under this article.

24(b) Distressed cities.--A city that is a distressed city
25under the act of July 10, 1987 (P.L.246, No.47), known as the
26Municipalities Financial Recovery Act, and is located in a home
27rule county may not establish a contracting authority under this

29(c) Counties.--The home rule county where a distressed city
30under the Municipalities Financial Recovery Act is located may
31establish a contracting authority to designate a zone under this
32article within the distressed city.


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