S0777B1456A04299       DMS:JSL 11/16/07    #90             A04299
                       AMENDMENTS TO SENATE BILL NO. 777
                                    Sponsor:  SENATOR FONTANA
                                           Printer's No. 1456

     1       Amend Sec. 8 (Sec. 42), page 56, line 29, by inserting after
     2    "BUREAU."
     3    However, if the county commissioners of a county with a tax
     4    claim bureau have enacted legislation for the benefit of
     5    taxpayers pursuant to section 502.1 or 504 of the "Real Estate
     6    Tax Sale Law," a taxing district located in that county that
     7    adopts a resolution pursuant to this section shall be required
     8    to offer taxpayers benefits equal to or exceeding those
     9    authorized by the county commissioners under section 502.1 or
    10    504 of the "Real Estate Tax Sale Law."