S0001B1583A04982       BIL:CDM 12/07/07    #90             A04982
                        AMENDMENTS TO SENATE BILL NO. 1
                                    Sponsor:  REPRESENTATIVE DePASQUALE
                                           Printer's No. 1583

     1       Amend Sec. 1307, page 40, line 10, by striking out "and such"
     2    and inserting
     3    including costs associated with legal reviews of records or
     4    record requests requiring the contracting or procuring of legal
     5    counsel outside the agency. Such

     6       Amend Sec. 1307, page 40, lines 11 through 14, by striking
     7    out "No fee may be imposed for an agency's review of a" in line
     8    11 and all of lines 12 through 14 and inserting
     9    An agency shall not charge a requester any fee for any of the
    10    following costs:
    11           (1)  Costs related to reviewing a record to determine if
    12       it is a public record.
    13           (2)  Costs related to redacting exempt information from a
    14       record.
    15           (3)  Personnel costs for copying a record.
    16           (4)  Personnel costs for preparing a record for delivery.
    17           (5)  Personnel costs for observing a requester who is
    18       reviewing or copying a record.
    19           (6)  For use of agency computers, viewers or other
    20       equipment necessary for gaining access to examining a record.
    21           (7)  Costs for agency personnel to instruct a requester
    22       on the use of agency equipment used to view a record.
    23           (8)  Any other processing costs not specifically
    24       permitted under this section.