S0001B1583A04716       DMS:DM  12/04/07    #90             A04716
                        AMENDMENTS TO SENATE BILL NO. 1
                                    Sponsor:  REPRESENTATIVE PERRY
                                           Printer's No. 1583

     1       Amend Sec. 102, page 5, by inserting between lines 21 and 22
     2           (4)  Application and database compilation or log of
     3       applications by political subdivisions, nonprofit
     4       organizations, other entities and individuals for the receipt
     5       of State-funded grants awarded on a discretionary basis by a
     6       Commonwealth agency, including legislative initiative grants,
     7       regardless of whether the applicant receives the grant for
     8       which it has applied. For purposes of this paragraph,
     9       financial record shall include information regarding:
    10               (i)  where applicable, the application sequence
    11           number;
    12               (ii)  the date the application was received by the
    13           Commonwealth agency;
    14               (iii)  the applicant name and contact person;
    15               (iv)  the project description;
    16               (v)  the project location;
    17               (vi)  the amount of funding requested;
    18               (vii)  any notations as to whether the application
    19           was complete and consistent with program guidelines;
    20               (viii)  whether or not the Commonwealth agency had
    21           approved the application;
    22               (ix)  where applicable, the amount of the grant
    23           awarded;
    24               (x)  where applicable, the date on which the
    25           Commonwealth agency notified the applicant that it
    26           approved the application;
    27               (xi)  in the case of a legislative initiative grant,
    28           the name of any member of the General Assembly who
    29           recommends the grantee; and
    30               (xii)  any other relevant information that qualifies
    31           as a public record or financial record under this act.

    32       Amend Sec. 102, page 6, by inserting between lines 28 and 29
    33       "Legislative initiative grant."  A grant that is awarded, in
    34    whole or in part, on the basis of a recommendation made by or on
    35    behalf of a member of the General Assembly.

    36       Amend Sec. 708, page 30, line 14, by inserting after
    37    "(b)(5)."
    38    Information described in paragraph (4) of the definition of

     1    "financial record" relating to individuals and protected under
     2    subsection (b)(28) shall also be exempt from access by a
     3    requester under this act.

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