H2525B4068A08379       JKL:JSL 06/30/08    #90             A08379
                       AMENDMENTS TO HOUSE BILL NO. 2525
                                    Sponsor:  REPRESENTATIVE M. KELLER
                                           Printer's No. 4068

     1       Amend Sec. 20, page 92, line 24, by striking out all of said
     2    line and inserting
     3           (1)  (i)  The addition of section 207(h) and (i) of the
     4           act

     5       Amend Sec. 20, page 92, by inserting between lines 25 and 26
     6               (ii)  For a kennel subject to section 207(h) and (i)
     7           of the act, licensed by the department on the effective
     8           date in paragraph (2), which is required to make
     9           structural renovations or undertake significant
    10           reconstruction, reconfiguration or reconditioning to the
    11           physical components of the kennel in order to attain
    12           compliance, the following shall apply:
    13                   (A)  The kennel shall submit to the department a
    14               plan for compliance with the provisions of these
    15               sections.
    16                   (B)  The plan shall include a specific timeline
    17               for structural changes necessary and the date of
    18               expected final completion which shall in no case be
    19               longer than two years from the effective date in
    20               subparagraph (i).
    21               (iii)  Subparagraph (ii) and this subparagraph shall
    22           take effect in 60 days.