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                       AMENDMENTS TO HOUSE BILL NO. 1656
                                    Sponsor:  SENATOR FUMO
                                           Printer's No. 2294

     1       Amend Title, page 1, line 12, by striking out "AND"
     2       Amend Title, page 1, line 16, by removing the period after
     3    "COUNTY" and inserting
     4    ; and authorizing the Department of General Services, with the
     5    approval of the Governor, to grant and convey, at a price to be
     6    determined through a public solicitation for proposals, certain
     7    lands, buildings and improvements situate in the City and County
     8    of Philadelphia, known as the Philadelphia State Office
     9    Building.

    10       Amend Bill, page 35, by inserting between lines 7 and 8
    11    Section 4.  Conveyance in City and County of Philadelphia.
    12       (a)  Authorization.--The Department of General Services, with
    13    the approval of the Governor, is hereby authorized on behalf of
    14    the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to grant and convey certain
    15    land together with any buildings, structures or improvements
    16    thereon, situate in the City and County of Philadelphia,
    17    Pennsylvania. The department shall sell the property using a
    18    public solicitation for proposals.
    19       (b)  Description.--The property to be conveyed pursuant to
    20    subsection (a) consists of approximately 1.89-acres and an
    21    office building bounded and more particularly described as
    22    follows:
    23       ALL THAT CERTAIN lot or piece of ground situate in the
    24    Fifteenth Ward of the City of Philadelphia, more fully bounded
    25    and described as follows, to wit:
    26       BEGINNING at a point of intersection of the Southerly side of
    27    Spring Garden Street (120 feet wide) and the Westerly side of
    28    Broad Street (113 feet wide); thence extending Southwardly along
    29    the Westerly side of Broad Street 207 feet 8 inches to the point
    30    of intersection of the Northerly side of Buttonwood Street (40
    31    feet wide); thence extending Westwardly along the Northerly side
    32    of Buttonwood Street 395 feet 8 inches to the Easterly side of
    33    Fifteenth Street (50 feet wide); thence extending Northwardly
    34    along the Easterly side of Fifteenth Street 207 feet 8 inches to
    35    the Southerly side of Spring Garden Street; thence extending
    36    Eastwardly along the Southerly side of Spring Garden Street 395
    37    feet 8 inches to the first mentioned point and place of
    38    BEGINNING.
    39       CONTAINING approximately 1.89-acres more or less.

     1       Being the same parcel and tract of land conveyed to the
     2    Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of General Services, by
     3    the General State Authority in its deed, dated July 11, 1997,
     4    recorded in the Philadelphia Recorder of Deeds Office in Deed
     5    Book 398, Page 560.
     6       (c)  Easements.--The conveyance shall be made under and
     7    subject to all lawful and enforceable easements, servitudes and
     8    rights of others, including but not confined to streets,
     9    roadways and rights of any telephone, telegraph, water,
    10    electric, gas or pipeline companies, as well as under and
    11    subject to any lawful and enforceable estates or tenancies
    12    vested in third persons appearing of record, for any portion of
    13    the land or improvements erected thereon.
    14       (d)  Land use restriction.--Any conveyance authorized under
    15    this section shall be made under and subject to the condition,
    16    which shall be contained in the deed of conveyance, that no
    17    portion of the property conveyed shall be used as a licensed
    18    facility, as defined in 4 Pa.C.S. § 1103 (relating to
    19    definitions), or any other similar type of facility authorized
    20    under State law. The condition shall be a covenant running with
    21    the land and shall be binding upon the grantee, its successors
    22    and assigns. Should the grantee, its successors or assigns,
    23    permit any portion of the property authorized to be conveyed in
    24    this section to be used in violation of this subsection, the
    25    title shall immediately revert to and revest in the grantor.
    26       (e)  Execution.--The deed of conveyance shall be by Special
    27    Warranty Deed and shall be executed by the Secretary of General
    28    Services in the name of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
    29       (f)  Costs and fees; proceeds.--All costs and fees incurred
    30    by the Department of General Services in selling the property
    31    shall be paid from the purchase price and that amount shall be
    32    an executively authorized augmentation to the appropriation from
    33    which the costs and fees were paid by the department. An amount
    34    equal to any outstanding Commonwealth general obligation debt
    35    for the renovations to the Philadelphia State Office Building
    36    from 1989 to present shall be deducted from the proceeds of the
    37    sale of the building and deposited in the Capital Facilities
    38    Fund. The balance of the proceeds of the sale shall be deposited
    39    in the General Fund.

    40       Amend Sec. 3, page 35, line 8, by striking out "4" and
    41    inserting
    42               5

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