H0111B0980A00258       SFL:JSL 03/21/07    #90             A00258
                        AMENDMENTS TO HOUSE BILL NO. 111
                                    Sponsor:  REPRESENTATIVE STAIRS
                                           Printer's No. 980

     1       Amend Sec. 1 (Sec. 1551), page 4, line 30, by inserting after
     2    "OF"
     3               implementing and administering
     4       Amend Sec. 1 (Sec. 1551), page 5, lines 2 through 9, by
     5    striking out all of said lines and inserting
     6               (i)  To accept and expend, on behalf of the
     7           Commonwealth, any appropriations from the General
     8           Assembly or Federal Government, gifts, donations,
     9           legacies and usages of money from individuals,
    10           organizations, public or private corporations and similar
    11           entities.
    12               (ii)  To apply for, accept and expend any and all
    13           Federal, State or other grants that may be available for
    14           the purposes of this section.
    15               (iii)  To pursue and establish partnerships with
    16           organizations, public and private corporations and
    17           similar entities through which it may raise money for the
    18           purposes of this section.