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09/23/2018 06:02 PM
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

House Committee Roll Call Votes

Committee HUMAN SERVICES Date May 24, 2017
Bill/Resolution HB1233 PN1460 A01406 Type of Motion Adopt Amendment
Maker of Motion Rep. Fritz Seconded by Rep. Corr
Brief Description Inserts paragraph between lines 23 and 24 of Page 15; The person subject to assisted outpatient treatment may petition the court for enforcement of a service specifically contained in the person's individualized treatment plan, provided that the petition must include clear and convincing evidence demonstrating that the service is not being provided in accordance with that plan. Also inserts on page 5, line 21 after "necessitating" the word Involuntary.

Majority Members

DiGirolamo, Gene - Chair
Charlton, Alexander T.
Cook, Bud
Corr, Michael N.
Dush, Cris
Fritz, Jonathan
Irvin, Rich
Kaufer, Aaron D.
Miccarelli, Nick
Murt , Thomas P.
Nelson, Eric R.
Quigley, Thomas J.
Roe, Eric
Simmons, Justin J.
Toohil, Tarah
Ward, Judy

Minority Members

Cruz, Angel - Chair
Dawkins, Jason
Driscoll, Michael J.
Kinsey, Stephen
Madden, Maureen E.
McClinton, Joanna E.
Miller, Dan L.
Rozzi, Mark
Schlossberg, Michael H.
Sims, Brian
Warren, Perry S.

Vote Summary

YEAS: 23
NV: 4