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07/21/2018 05:53 AM
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

House Committee Roll Call Votes

Committee HEALTH Date June 26, 2017
Bill/Resolution HB1354 PN1684 A02292 Type of Motion Adopt Amendment
Maker of Motion Rep. Topper Seconded by Rep. Keefer
Brief Description The Amendment makes numerous technically changes to make the terminology internally consistent throughout the Human Services code. The amendment also clarifies in Article II of the Code that the Independent Office shall have the sole authority to negotiate waivers with the Federal Government. Additionally the amendment makes substantive changes to reflect that the department employees which presently work on MA should be transferred to the Independent Office and provides the Independent Office with rulemaking authority and clarifies how a replacement director shall be named in the case of a mid-term vacancy.

Majority Members

Baker, Matthew E. - Chair
Bernstine, Aaron
Charlton, Alexander T.
Corbin, Becky
Cox, Jim
Evankovich, Eli
Hill, Kristin
Kaufer, Aaron D.
Keefer, Dawn W.
Lawrence, John A.
Lewis, Harry
Schemel, Paul
Topper, Jesse
Ward, Judy
White, Martina A.
Zimmerman, David H.

Minority Members

Fabrizio, Florindo J. - Chair
Boyle, Kevin J.
Brown, Vanessa L.
Daley, Mary Jo
Dawkins, Jason
DeLissio, Pamela A.
Gainey, Ed
Kinsey, Stephen
Kirkland, Brian
Mullery, Gerald J.
Schlossberg, Michael H.

Vote Summary

YEAS: 26
NV: 1