1Observing February 2013 as "Children's Sexual Abuse Awareness
2Month" in Pennsylvania.

3WHEREAS, The month of February is a magical month for most
4children, full of greeting cards, sweets and the warmth of a
5loving family, as the celebration of Valentine's Day fills the
6calendar; and

7WHEREAS, Regrettably, for some children, February, like each
8other month of the year, is a time when they experience the
9horrors of sexual abuse; and

10WHEREAS, Often this abuse is perpetuated by a close family
11member or friend, making its scars even deeper; and

12WHEREAS, The warning signs of sexual abuse of children are

1very difficult to discern, and the shame felt by victims usually
2causes them to remain silent; and

3WHEREAS, For this reason, adults who become suspicious that
4sexual abuse of a child might be occurring must not ignore their
5responsibility to investigate and ask the child gentle yet
6probative questions and to pursue prosecution of the
7perpetrator; therefore be it

8RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives observe 
9February 2013 as "Children's Sexual Abuse Awareness Month" in
10this Commonwealth.