1Designating January 2013 as "Safe Drinking Water Month" in

3WHEREAS, January 2013 will mark the 40th anniversary of the
4introduction in the United States Senate of the Federal Safe
5Drinking Water Act, which was subsequently enacted in 1974; and

6WHEREAS, This law required the Federal Environmental
7Protection Agency to establish drinking water quality standards
8across the country; and

9WHEREAS, Pursuant to this landmark Federal law, the
10Pennsylvania Safe Drinking Water Act was enacted in 1984 for the
11Commonwealth to assume primary enforcement responsibilities as
12provided under the framework of the Federal statute; and

13WHEREAS, Section 27 of Article I of the Constitution of
14Pennsylvania sets forth the people's right to pure water and the
15preservation of our natural resources; and

1WHEREAS, The 1984 law granting state primacy establishes
2water quality standards under the authority of the Pennsylvania
3Department of Environmental Protection; therefore be it

4RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives designate January
52013 as "Safe Drinking Water Month" in Pennsylvania in
6recognition of the inception of these historic Federal and State
7laws ensuring an adequate supply of clean drinking water to all
8Pennsylvania residents.