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                                                      PRINTER'S NO. 2514



No. 414 Session of 2007


           SEPTEMBER 27, 2007

                                  A RESOLUTION

     1  Honoring the players and coaches of the 1950 Coal Township High
     2     School Purple Demons football team and commemorating their
     3     undefeated season and victory in the Eastern Conference
     4     Championship game.

     5     WHEREAS, The success of Coal Township's 1950 football season
     6  hinged on the dedication and talents of 35 squad members, Head
     7  Coach Walter Marshall and Assistant Coaches Bernie Romanoski, Ed
     8  Sutt and Roy Sanders; and
     9     WHEREAS, The inspiring coaching style of Walter Marshall and
    10  his dedication to the gridiron propelled the team to its first
    11  ever undefeated season for Coal Township; and
    12     WHEREAS, Led by 11 lettermen and senior tri-captains John
    13  Gurski, Tom Kiefaber and John Zupicich, the Purple Demons began
    14  the 1950 season in the "Silver Bowl" game against the Mount
    15  Carmel Catholic Red Tornadoes, a team which had been undefeated
    16  for several seasons; and
    17     WHEREAS, 8,318 fans crowded the stadium on opening game day,
    18  during which Purple Demon players scored five touchdowns,

     1  including a returned 58-yard interception by Sam Rumberger,
     2  defeating the Red Tornadoes 33-14; and
     3     WHEREAS, The Purple Demons offered fans season highlights of
     4  four shut-out games and victories balanced on the stout arm of
     5  quarterback Les Schlegel, the disciplined, airtight offense and
     6  a stingy, punishing defense; and
     7     WHEREAS, After a breezy win over Kulpmont High School and a
     8  tie game against Dunmore, the Purple Demons clinched first place
     9  in the Southern Division of the Eastern Conference; and
    10     WHEREAS, The team relied on the cheers of staunch supporters
    11  at home field, at away games and at the Eastern Conference
    12  Championship, which drew more than 7,000 dedicated fans despite
    13  inclement weather; and
    14     WHEREAS, The Purple Demons met the Swoyersville Sailors in
    15  the 1950 Eastern Conference Championship game, which ignited a
    16  decade-long rivalry between the schools; and
    17     WHEREAS, Despite heavy rain, a mud-soaked field and an early
    18  seven-point lead by the Sailors, the Purple Demons rallied to
    19  tie the game before the half and dominated the remainder of the
    20  game, scoring three more times and winning the championship; and
    21     WHEREAS, The Coal Township High School football team won the
    22  Eastern Conference title 26-13 and finished the season with a
    23  record of 11-0-1; and
    24     WHEREAS, Although Coal Township High School merged with the
    25  Shamokin Area School District in 1964, residents throughout the
    26  anthracite region fondly remember its history and football
    27  rivalries; therefore be it
    28     RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives honor the players
    29  and coaches of the 1950 Coal Township High School Purple Demons
    30  football team and commemorate its winning season and victory in
    20070H0414R2514                  - 2 -     

     1  the Eastern Conference Championship game.

    I19L82SFL/20070H0414R2514        - 3 -