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                                                      PRINTER'S NO. 3140



No. 1776 Session of 2008

           J. WHITE AND YUDICHAK, JANUARY 28, 2008


                                     AN ACT

     1  Providing for the licensing of contractors; establishing the
     2     Fair Contracting Board; providing for powers and duties of
     3     the Fair Contracting Board; establishing the Fair Contracting
     4     Fund; and making an appropriation.

     5     The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
     6  hereby enacts as follows:
     7                             CHAPTER 1
     8                       PRELIMINARY PROVISIONS
     9  Section 101.  Short title.
    10     This act shall be known and may be cited as the Fair
    11  Contracting Act.
    12  Section 102.  Definitions.
    13     The following words and phrases when used in this act shall
    14  have the meanings given to them in this section unless the
    15  context clearly indicates otherwise:
    16     "Board."  The Fair Contracting Board established in section
    17  301.
    18     "Contractor."  A person who, in any capacity for

     1  compensation, other than as an employee of another, undertakes,
     2  offers to undertake, purports to have the capacity to undertake
     3  or submits a bid to construct, alter, repair, add to, subtract
     4  from, improve, move, wreck or demolish any nonresidential
     5  building, highway, road, railroad, structure or excavation
     6  associated with a project, development or improvement, or to do
     7  any part thereof, including the erection of scaffolding or other
     8  structures or works in connection therewith. The term includes a
     9  construction manager who performs management and counseling
    10  services for a construction project for a professional fee.
    11     "Department."  The Department of Labor and Industry of the
    12  Commonwealth.
    13     "Electrical contractor."  A person who engages in the
    14  business of contracting to install, erect, repair or alter
    15  electrical equipment for the generation, transmission or
    16  utilization of electrical energy.
    17     "General building contractor."  A person whose principal
    18  business is in connection with any structures built, being built
    19  or to be built for the support, shelter and enclosure of
    20  persons, animals or movable property of any kind, requiring in
    21  the construction the use of more than two contractor
    22  classifications, or a person who supervises the whole or any
    23  part of such construction.
    24     "General engineering contractor."  A person whose principal
    25  business is in connection with public or private works projects,
    26  including, but not limited to, one or more of the following:
    27         (1)  Irrigation, drainage and water supply projects.
    28         (2)  Electrical generation projects.
    29         (3)  Swimming pools.
    30         (4)  Flood control.
    20080H1776B3140                  - 2 -     

     1         (5)  Harbors.
     2         (6)  Railroads.
     3         (7)  Highways.
     4         (8)  Tunnels.
     5         (9)  Airports and airways.
     6         (10)  Sewers and sewage disposal systems.
     7         (11)  Bridges.
     8         (12)  Inland waterways.
     9         (13)  Pipelines for transmission of petroleum and other
    10     liquid or gaseous substances.
    11         (14)  Refineries.
    12         (15)  Chemical plants and other industrial plants
    13     requiring a specialized engineering knowledge and skill.
    14         (16)  Piers and foundations.
    15         (17)  Structures or work incidental to any of the
    16     projects listed.
    17     "Heating, ventilating and cooling contractor."  A person who
    18  engages in the business of contracting to install, erect,
    19  repair, service or alter heating, ventilating and air
    20  conditioning equipment or systems to heat, cool or ventilate
    21  residential and commercial structures.
    22     "License."  A license to engage in business in this
    23  Commonwealth as a contractor in one of the classifications set
    24  forth in this act.
    25     "Person."  An individual, firm, sole proprietorship,
    26  partnership, corporation, association or other entity engaged in
    27  the undertaking of construction projects or any combination
    28  thereof.
    29     "Piping contractor."  A person whose principal business is
    30  the installation of process, power plant, air, oil, gasoline,
    20080H1776B3140                  - 3 -     

     1  chemical or other kinds of piping and boilers and pressure
     2  vessels using joining methods of thread, weld, solvent weld or
     3  mechanical methods.
     4     "Plumbing contractor."  A person whose principal business is
     5  the installation, maintenance, extension and alteration of
     6  piping, plumbing fixtures, plumbing appliances and plumbing
     7  appurtenances, venting systems and public or private water
     8  supply systems within or adjacent to any building or structure.
     9  The term includes installation of gas piping, chilled water
    10  piping in connection with refrigeration processes and comfort
    11  cooling, hot water piping in connection with building heating
    12  and piping for stand pipes.
    13     "Secretary."  The Secretary of Labor and Industry of the
    14  Commonwealth.
    15     "Specialty contractor."  A person who engages in specialty
    16  contracting services which do not substantially fall within the
    17  scope of any contractor classification as set out under this
    18  act.
    19     "Subcontractor."  A person who performs a portion of a
    20  project undertaken by a principal or general contractor or
    21  another subcontractor.
    22                             CHAPTER 3
    23                               BOARD
    24  Section 301.  Fair Contracting Board.
    25     (a)  Establishment.--The Fair Contracting Board is
    26  established within the Department of Labor and Industry.
    27     (b)  Composition.--The board shall consist of the following:
    28         (1)  The secretary.
    29         (2)  The Director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection in
    30     the Office of the Attorney General or his designee.
    20080H1776B3140                  - 4 -     

     1         (3)  An electrical contractor.
     2         (4)  A general building contractor.
     3         (5)  A general engineering contractor.
     4         (6)  A heating, ventilating and cooling contractor.
     5         (7)  A piping contractor.
     6         (8)  A plumbing contractor.
     7         (9)  A specialty contractor.
     8         (10)  Two public members.
     9     (c)  Qualifications.--The professional members of the board
    10  shall have been actively engaged in this Commonwealth for at
    11  least five years immediately preceding appointment in the area
    12  of contracting for which the member is being appointed. Except
    13  as set forth in subsection (g), professional members shall be
    14  licensed under this act.
    15     (d)  Meeting.--The board shall meet within 30 days after the
    16  appointment of its first members and shall set up operating
    17  procedures and develop application forms for licensure.
    18     (e)  Appointment and term of membership.--
    19         (1)  The Governor shall appoint professional and public
    20     members with the advice and consent of the Senate.
    21     Professional and public members must be citizens of the
    22     United States and residents of this Commonwealth.
    23         (2)  Except as provided in subsection (f), professional
    24     and public members shall serve a term of four years or until
    25     a successor has been appointed and qualified but in no event
    26     longer than six months beyond the four-year period.
    27         (3)  In the event that a members dies or resigns or
    28     otherwise is disqualified during the term of office, a
    29     successor shall be appointed in the same way and with the
    30     same qualifications and shall hold office for the unexpired
    20080H1776B3140                  - 5 -     

     1     term. A professional or public member shall not be eligible
     2     to serve more than two consecutive terms.
     3     (f)  First appointments.--For public and professional members
     4  first appointed to the board pursuant to this act, the term of
     5  office shall be as follows:
     6         (1)  Three members shall serve for a term of four years.
     7         (2)  Three members shall serve for a term of three years.
     8         (3)  Three members shall serve for a term of two years.
     9     (g)  Professional members and initial appointments.--A
    10  professional member initially appointed to the board pursuant to
    11  this act need not be licensed at the time of appointment but, at
    12  the time of appointment, must satisfy eligibility requirements
    13  for licensure.
    14     (h)  Quorum.--A majority of the members of the board shall
    15  constitute a quorum. A member shall not be counted as part of a
    16  quorum or vote on any issue unless the member is physically in
    17  attendance at the meeting.
    18     (i)  Chairman.--The board shall select annually a chairman
    19  from among its members. The board, with the approval of the
    20  secretary, shall select and fix the compensation of an
    21  individual, who shall conduct the daily operations of the board
    22  and provide for the administration of the board's activities.
    23     (j)  Expenses.--Each professional and public member of the
    24  board shall be eligible for reimbursement of mileage and actual
    25  expenses when attending a board meeting.
    26     (k)  Forfeiture.--A public or professional member who fails
    27  to attend three consecutive meetings shall forfeit the member's
    28  seat unless the secretary, upon written request from the member,
    29  finds that the member should be excused from a meeting because
    30  of illness or the death of a family member.
    20080H1776B3140                  - 6 -     

     1     (l)  Training seminars.--A public member who fails to attend
     2  two consecutive statutorily mandated training seminars in
     3  accordance with section 813(e) of the act of April 9, 1929
     4  (P.L.177, No.175), known as The Administrative Code of 1929,
     5  shall forfeit the member's seat unless the secretary, upon
     6  written request from the public member, finds that the public
     7  member should be excused from a meeting because of illness or
     8  the death of a family member.
     9     (m)  Frequency of meetings.--The board shall meet at least
    10  quarterly and at such additional times as called by the chairman
    11  or a majority of the board.
    12  Section 302.  Powers and duties of board.
    13     The board shall have the following powers and duties:
    14         (1)  To provide for and regulate the licensing of
    15     individuals covered by this act.
    16         (2)  To establish the minimum qualifications for
    17     applicants for examination and licensing in each of the
    18     following specified classes of contractor:
    19             (i)  Electrical contractor.
    20             (ii)  General building contractor.
    21             (iii)  General engineering contractor.
    22             (iv)  Heating, ventilating and cooling contractor.
    23             (v)  Piping contractor.
    24             (vi)  Plumbing contractor.
    25             (vii)  Specialty contractor.
    26         (3)  To issue licenses, renew licenses, reinstate
    27     licenses, fail to renew, suspend and revoke licenses as
    28     provided in this act.
    29         (4)  To administer and enforce the provisions of this
    30     act.
    20080H1776B3140                  - 7 -     

     1         (5)  To investigate applications for licensure and to
     2     determine the eligibility of an individual applying for
     3     licensure.
     4         (6)  To promulgate and enforce regulations, not
     5     inconsistent with this act, as necessary only to carry into
     6     effect the provisions of this act. Regulations shall be
     7     adopted in conformity with the provisions of the act of July
     8     31, 1968 (P.L.769, No.240), referred to as the Commonwealth
     9     Documents Law, and the act of June 25, 1982 (P.L.633,
    10     No.181), known as the Regulatory Review Act.
    11         (7)  To keep and maintain minutes and records of all its
    12     transactions, proceedings and meetings and to ensure such
    13     records are available to the public consistent with
    14     applicable State law.
    15         (8)  To submit annually to the department and to the
    16     Appropriations Committee of the Senate and the Appropriations
    17     Committee of the House of Representatives an estimate of
    18     financial requirements of the board for its administrative,
    19     legal and other expenses which shall be included in the
    20     department's proposed budget each fiscal year.
    21         (9)  To work with the department to establish and
    22     maintain a database with appropriate information concerning
    23     licensees that shall be available on the department's
    24     Internet website for public use.
    25         (10)  To hold at least one examination in each calendar
    26     quarter for each specific classification of contractor,
    27     designate the time and place of such examinations and notify
    28     applicants thereof. The board may engage a testing service
    29     that is qualified to administer any required examinations
    30     under this act.
    20080H1776B3140                  - 8 -     

     1         (11)  To request the department to conduct an
     2     investigation of any alleged violation of this act.
     3         (12)  To notify the secretary and board members of
     4     meeting dates and agenda items at least five days prior to
     5     the meeting.
     6         (13)  To circulate the forms and educate the public
     7     regarding the requirements of being licensed as a contractor.
     8         (14)  To establish procedures to investigate and
     9     undertake disciplinary action against a licensee.
    10                             CHAPTER 5
    11                              LICENSES
    12  Section 501.  License required and display of license.
    13     (a)  General rule.--No person in this Commonwealth shall
    14  engage in any act as a contractor unless the person shall first
    15  have obtained a license. No firm, partnership, corporation,
    16  association or other entity shall engage in contracting in this
    17  Commonwealth unless an officer thereof holds a license.
    18     (b)  Display of license.--A contractor to whom a license has
    19  been issued shall keep the license or a copy posted in a
    20  conspicuous position at every construction site where work is
    21  being done by the contractor. The license number shall be
    22  included in all contracting advertisements and all fully
    23  executed and binding contracts. In addition, the contractor's
    24  business name and the number of the license issued by the board
    25  shall be displayed on each vehicle owned by the contractor in a
    26  manner that contrasts with the color of the background surface
    27  and is printed at least two inches high.
    28     (c)  Permit issuance.--Any person making application to the
    29  department, the building inspector or other authority of any
    30  incorporated municipality or other political subdivision of this
    20080H1776B3140                  - 9 -     

     1  Commonwealth charged with the duty of issuing building or other
     2  permits for the construction of any building, highway, sewer or
     3  structure or for any removal of materials or earth, grading or
     4  improvement shall, before issuance of the permit, either furnish
     5  satisfactory proof to the inspector or authority that the person
     6  is licensed under this act to carry out or superintend the same,
     7  or file a written affidavit that the person is not subject to
     8  licensure as a contractor or subcontractor. The inspector or
     9  authority may not issue a building permit to any person who does
    10  not possess a valid license when required by this act.
    11  Section 502.  Exemptions.
    12     Except as otherwise provided in this act, the following are
    13  exempt from licensure:
    14         (1)  One who merely furnishes materials or supplies
    15     without fabricating or consuming them in the construction
    16     project.
    17         (2)  A person who personally performs construction work
    18     on the site of real property which the person owns or leases,
    19     whether for commercial or residential purposes.
    20         (3)  A person who is licensed or registered as a
    21     professional and who functions under the control of any other
    22     licensing or regulatory board, whose primary business is real
    23     estate sales, appraisal, development, management and
    24     maintenance, who, acting in the person's respective
    25     professional capacity and any employee of the professional
    26     acting in the course of the employee's employment, performs
    27     any work which may be considered to be performing contracting
    28     work.
    29         (4)  A corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship
    30     whose primary purpose is to prepare construction plans and
    20080H1776B3140                 - 10 -     

     1     specifications used by a contractor who employs full time a
     2     registered architect licensed to practice in this
     3     Commonwealth or a registered professional engineer licensed
     4     to practice in this Commonwealth. Employees of the
     5     corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship shall also be
     6     exempt from the requirements of this act.
     7         (5)  A residential contractor whose principal business is
     8     in connection with construction, repair or improvement of
     9     real property used as, or intended to be used for,
    10     residential occupancy.
    11         (6)  Work done by an employee of the Commonwealth, a
    12     county, municipality or municipal corporation and any
    13     governmental subdivision or agency thereof.
    14         (7)  The sale or installation of a finished product,
    15     material or article or merchandise which is not actually
    16     fabricated into and does not become a permanent fixed part of
    17     the structure.
    18         (8)  Work performed personally by an owner or lessee of
    19     real property on property the primary use of which is for
    20     agricultural or farming enterprise.
    21         (9)  A material supplier who renders advice concerning
    22     use of products sold and who does not provide construction or
    23     installation services.
    24         (10)  Work performed by a public utility company
    25     regulated by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission and
    26     its employees.
    27         (11)  Repair work contracted for by the owner of the
    28     equipment on an emergency basis in order to maintain or
    29     restore the operation of the equipment.
    30         (12)  Work performed by a contractor's regular employees,
    20080H1776B3140                 - 11 -     

     1     for which the employees are paid regular wages and not a
     2     contract price, on property owned or leased by the employer
     3     which is not intended for speculative sale or lease.
     4         (13)  Work personally performed on a structure by the
     5     owner or occupant thereof.
     6  Section 503.  Qualifications required for licensure.
     7     (a)  Applicant requirements.--An applicant for a license
     8  shall:
     9         (1)  Submit to the board a completed application on a
    10     form prescribed by the board and pay an initial license
    11     application fee not to exceed $200.
    12         (2)  Submit to the board any other information required
    13     by board regulation.
    14         (3)  Demonstrate to the satisfaction of the board the
    15     appropriate amount of work experience, honesty,
    16     trustworthiness and integrity as required for the license.
    17         (4)  Pay the application and examination fees.
    18         (5)  Establish proof of financial responsibility in the
    19     manner prescribed by the board.
    20         (6)  Maintain workers' compensation coverage for the
    21     contractor's employees through an insurance company
    22     authorized to engage in the business of insurance in this
    23     Commonwealth or through self-insurance.
    24         (7)  Be a citizen of the United States or has declared
    25     the applicant's intention to become a citizen.
    26     (b)  Application regulations.--The board shall promulgate
    27  regulations to establish a process by which it shall evaluate
    28  the experience required of applicants for a license under this
    29  act.
    30     (c)  Background examination.--The board may conduct an
    20080H1776B3140                 - 12 -     

     1  examination of any civil judgments and criminal convictions of
     2  an applicant, including obtaining any criminal history record
     3  information permitted by law.
     4  Section 504.  Emergency license.
     5     (a)  Emergency licenses.--Subject to subsection (b), the
     6  board may issue an emergency license to an applicant, provided
     7  that the emergency license shall expire on the 90th day after
     8  the date of issuance.
     9     (b)  Regulations.--The board may promulgate regulations
    10  providing for the extension of an emergency license issued under
    11  this section.
    12  Section 505.  Examinations.
    13     (a)  Statewide administration.--Examinations required by this
    14  act shall be conducted throughout this Commonwealth.
    15     (b)  Development and content.--The board shall accept,
    16  develop or contract for the examination required by this act,
    17  including the administration of the examinations. Each
    18  examination shall test the knowledge of the applicant about
    19  materials and methods used in and related to the activities that
    20  may be performed within each class of license under this act and
    21  the standards prescribed by the electrical code.
    22     (c)  Passing standard.--The board shall determine uniform
    23  standards for acceptable performance on an examination.
    24  Section 506.  Examination results and notification.
    25     (a)  Notification.--
    26         (1)  Not later than the 30th day after the date on which
    27     an examination is administered under this act, the board
    28     shall notify each examinee of the results of the examination.
    29         (2)  If an examination is graded or reviewed by a
    30     national testing service, the board shall notify examinees of
    20080H1776B3140                 - 13 -     

     1     the result of the examination not later than the 14th day
     2     after the date on which the board receives the results from
     3     the testing service.
     4     (b)  Delay for notification.--If the notice of the
     5  examination results will be delayed for more than 60 days after
     6  the examination date, the board shall notify each examinee of
     7  the reason for the delay before the 60th day.
     8     (c)  Request for analysis.--If requested in writing by a
     9  person who fails an examination administered under this act, the
    10  board shall provide to the person an analysis of the person's
    11  performance on the examination.
    12  Section 507.  Examination exemption.
    13     For a period of one year following the effective date of this
    14  section, the board may grant licenses without examination to an
    15  individual who submits an application for licensure, accompanied
    16  by the required fee, with proof that the applicant has satisfied
    17  the required number of hours of on-the-job training for the type
    18  of license sought.
    19  Section 508.  Nonresident license applicant.
    20     The board may issue a license under this act to an applicant
    21  who holds a license in another state and who submits a proper
    22  application and pays the required fees if the board determines
    23  that the applicant is licensed in a state which has standards of
    24  licensure substantially similar to those provisions of this act.
    25  Section 509.  Licenses.
    26     (a)  Issuance.--Not later than the 30th day after the date on
    27  which the board determines that an applicant has passed the
    28  examination required under this act, the board shall issue a
    29  license to the applicant if the applicant has complied with the
    30  application requirements and paid the fees required by this act.
    20080H1776B3140                 - 14 -     

     1     (b)  Nontransferability.--No license may be used for any
     2  purpose by any person other than the person to whom the license
     3  is issued. No license may be assigned, transferred or otherwise
     4  disposed of so as to permit the unauthorized use thereof. Any
     5  person who violates this section is subject to the penalties
     6  imposed in Chapter 7.
     7  Section 510.  License renewal.
     8     (a)  Expiration.--Except as provided in subsection (b), a
     9  license shall expire annually on December 31 of each year. It
    10  may be renewed annually on payment of the required renewal fee.
    11     (b)  Fees.--By regulation, the board may adopt a system under
    12  which licenses expire on various dates during the year. For the
    13  year in which the license expiration date is changed, renewal
    14  fees payable on or before December 31 shall be prorated on a
    15  monthly basis so that each license holder pays only that portion
    16  of the renewal fee that is applicable to the number of months
    17  during which the license is valid. On renewal of the license on
    18  the new expiration date, the total renewal fee shall be due.
    19     (c)  Pending expiration.--
    20         (1)  Not later than the 30th day preceding the expiration
    21     date of a person's license, the board shall notify the person
    22     in writing, at the person's last known mailing address, of
    23     the impending license expiration.
    24         (2)  A person may renew an unexpired license by paying to
    25     the board, before the license expiration date, the required
    26     renewal fee.
    27  Section 511.  Continuing education.
    28     (a)  Number of hours.--To renew a license, the license holder
    29  must complete four hours of continuing education annually.
    30     (b)  Course content.--Continuing education courses that
    20080H1776B3140                 - 15 -     

     1  satisfy the requirements of this section shall address the
     2  applicable national code and Commonwealth laws and regulations
     3  that regulate the conduct of license holders under this act.
     4     (c)  Fee and courses.--By regulation, the board shall approve
     5  continuing education courses, online continuing education
     6  courses, course content and course providers. The board may
     7  promulgate regulations instituting a fee for the administration
     8  of the board's duties regarding continuing education.
     9                             CHAPTER 7
    11  Section 701.  Violations.
    12     (a)  Criminal penalty.--
    13         (1)  An individual or the responsible officers or
    14     employees of a corporation, partnership, firm or other entity
    15     violating a provision of this act or a regulation of the
    16     board commits a misdemeanor and shall, upon conviction, be
    17     sentenced to pay a fine of not more than $1,000, or to
    18     imprisonment for not more than six months for the first
    19     violation.
    20         (2)  For a second and each subsequent conviction, an
    21     individual shall be sentenced to pay a fine of not more than
    22     $2,000, or to imprisonment for not less than six months nor
    23     more than one year, or both.
    24     (b)  Civil penalty.--In addition to any other civil remedy or
    25  criminal penalty provided for in this act, the board, by a vote
    26  of the majority of the maximum number of the authorized
    27  membership of the board as provided by law or by a vote of the
    28  majority of the duly qualified and confirmed membership or a
    29  minimum of five members, whichever is greater, may levy a civil
    30  penalty of up to $1,000 on any of the following:
    20080H1776B3140                 - 16 -     

     1         (1)  A contractor who violates a provision of this act.
     2         (2)  An individual who holds himself out as a contractor
     3     without being properly licensed as provided in this act.
     4         (3)  The responsible officers or employees of a
     5     corporation, partnership, firm or other entity violating a
     6     provision of this act.
     7     (c)  Procedure.--The board may levy the civil penalty under
     8  subsection (b) only after affording the accused the opportunity
     9  for a hearing as provided in 2 Pa.C.S. (relating to
    10  administrative law and procedure).
    11  Section 702.  Refusal, suspension or revocation of license.
    12     (a)  General rule.--The board may refuse, suspend or revoke a
    13  license in a case where the board finds:
    14         (1)  The licensee is negligent or incompetent in the area
    15     of contracting for which a license was issued.
    16         (2)  The licensee has willfully or repeatedly violated
    17     any of the provisions of this act or a regulation of the
    18     board.
    19         (3)  The licensee has committed fraud or deceit in
    20     securing licensure.
    21         (4)  The licensee has had a license suspended or revoked
    22     or has received other disciplinary action by the proper
    23     licensing authority in another state, territory, possession
    24     of the United States or country.
    25         (5)  With respect to the practice of contracting, the
    26     licensee has acted in such a manner as to present an
    27     immediate and clear danger to health or safety or property.
    28         (6)  The licensee possessed, used, acquired or
    29     distributed a controlled substance.
    30     (b)  Authorized acts.--When the board finds that the license
    20080H1776B3140                 - 17 -     

     1  of an electrical contractor may be refused, revoked or suspended
     2  pursuant to subsection (a), the board may:
     3         (1)  Deny the application for a license.
     4         (2)  Revoke, suspend, limit or otherwise restrict a
     5     license.
     6         (3)  Restore or reissue, at its discretion, a suspended
     7     license and impose any disciplinary or corrective measure
     8     which it might originally have imposed.
     9  Section 703.  Suspensions and revocations.
    10     A suspension or revocation shall be made only in accordance
    11  with the regulations of the board and only by majority vote of
    12  the members of the board after a full and fair hearing. An
    13  action of the board shall be taken subject to the right of
    14  notice, hearing and adjudication and the right of appeal, in
    15  accordance with the provisions of 2 Pa.C.S. (relating to
    16  administrative law and procedure). The board, by majority action
    17  and in accordance with its regulations, may reissue a license
    18  which has been suspended.
    19  Section 704.  Collection of fees.
    20     All fees collected pursuant to the provisions of this act by
    21  the board and the department shall be deposited into the Fair
    22  Contracting Fund, a restricted account hereby established to be
    23  held within the department.
    24                             CHAPTER 21
    25                      MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS
    26  Section 2101.  Appropriation and repayment.
    27     The sum of $125,000, or as much as may be necessary, is
    28  hereby appropriated from the Department of Labor and Industry
    29  for the payment of costs associated with processing licenses and
    30  renewing licenses, for the operation of the board and for other
    20080H1776B3140                 - 18 -     

     1  costs associated with this act. The appropriation shall be
     2  repaid by the board within three years of the beginning of
     3  issuance of licenses by the board.
     4  Section 2102.  Regulations.
     5     Within 18 months of the effective date of this section, the
     6  board shall promulgate regulations to carry out this act.
     7  Section 2103.  Effective date.
     8     This act shall take effect July 1, 2008, or immediately,
     9  whichever is later.

    A25L63BIL/20080H1776B3140       - 19 -