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An Act amending the act of October 27, 1955 (P.L.744, No.222), known as the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act, further providing for findings and declaration of policy, for right to freedom from discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodation; defining "sexual orientation" and "gender identity or expression"; and further providing for unlawful discriminatory practices, for powers and duties of commission, for prohibition of certain real estate practices, for education program and for construction and exclusiveness of remedy.
An Act amending the act of June 3, 1937 (P.L.1333, No.320), known as the Pennsylvania Election Code, in primary and election expenses, further providing for definitions, for organization of political committees, for registration and for reporting; in primary and election expenses, providing for limitations on contributions; in primary and election expenses, further providing for late filing fees and certificates of filing, for contributions or expenditures by national banks, corporations or unincorporated associations and for reports by business entities and publication; in primary and election expenses, providing for independent expenditures; and providing for corporate political accountability.
An Act amending Title 65 (Public Officers) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, further providing for short title of chapter, for purpose and for definitions; providing for establishment and operation of nominating committee, for Pennsylvania Public Integrity Commission, for limitations on activities by commissioners and employees, for powers and duties of commission, for authority, qualification, training and identification of investigative employees designated as law enforcement officers, for photo identification, for immunity of witnesses and for enforcement of subpoenas; further providing for restricted activities, for statement of financial interests required to be filed, for State Ethics Commission, for its powers and duties, for investigations by commission and for penalties; providing for costs, restitutions and forfeiture; and further providing for wrongful use of chapter; providing for disclosure of executive session testimony and investigative records, for privileged statements and reports, for commission disclosure of economic interests and for applicable statutes.
An Act amending Title 62 (Procurement) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, in procurement of construction and design professional services, further providing for procurement of design professional services; and, in small and disadvantaged businesses, further providing for policy, for definitions, for duties of department, for bonding and progress payments and for report to General Assembly; and providing for small business reserve program.
A Joint Resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, further providing for the designation of legislative and congressional districts within this Commonwealth.
An Act amending Title 62 (Procurement) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, in general provisions, further providing for reciprocal limitations.
An Act amending the act of June 3, 1937 (P.L.1333, No.320), known as the Pennsylvania Election Code, providing for alternative campaign financing option, administration and requirement; establishing the Clean Election Fund; providing for terms of participation, for the power of Department of State to adopt rules and for study report; imposing duties on the Department of State and a duty on the Department of Revenue; and imposing penalties.
An Act amending the act of April 9, 1929 (P.L.177, No.175), known as The Administrative Code of 1929, in powers and duties in general, providing for contact information.
SB1482 YAW
An Act authorizing the Department of General Services, with approval of the Department of Environmental Protection and the Governor, to grant and convey to Centura Development Co., Inc., certain land situate in Old Lycoming Township, Lycoming County.
A Resolution urging the executive branch participants in the Whitewood case to appeal the decision i...