Section 2.  Legislative Findings; Declaration of Policy.--It
     is hereby determined and declared as a matter of legislative
        (1)  That Lincoln University derives its corporate existence
     by reason of the act of the General Assembly of Pennsylvania
     entitled "An act to Incorporate the Ashmun Institute," act of
     April 29, 1854 (P.L.531);
        (2)  That the name Ashmun Institute was changed to Lincoln
     University by a supplement to the original Charter of
     Incorporation by act of the General Assembly, act of April 4,
     1866 (P.L.452);
        (3)  That the original Charter of Incorporation was
     subsequently supplemented by act of the General Assembly, act of
     February 18, 1871 (P.L.106);
        (4)  That the original Charter of Incorporation was amended
     in the Court of Common Pleas for the County of Chester on the
     thirteenth day of November 1896, on the fourth day of January
     1897, on the sixteenth day of October 1939, on the tenth day of
     January 1953, and on the first day of April 1953;
        (5)  That the Charter of Lincoln University was duly amended
     in accordance with the authority granted by act of May 5, 1933
        (6)  That Lincoln University owns and maintains land,
     buildings, and other facilities which are used, together with
     land and buildings owned by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,
     for higher education, which land, buildings and other facilities
     are under the entire control and management of the board of
        (7)  That the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania recognizes Lincoln
     University as an integral part of a system of higher education
     in Pennsylvania, and that the traditional objectives of Lincoln
     University in preparing young people to work with the problems
     of the disadvantaged is completely compatible with the needs of
     the Commonwealth, and that it is desirable and in the public
     interest to perpetuate and extend the relationship between the
     Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Lincoln University for the
     purpose of improving and strengthening higher education by
     designating Lincoln University as a State-related institution of
     higher education.
        Therefore, it is hereby declared to be the purpose of this
     act to extend Commonwealth opportunities for higher education by
     establishing Lincoln University as an instrumentality of the
     Commonwealth to serve as a State-related institution in the
     Commonwealth system of higher education.