Section 1723-A.  Enrollment.--(a)  All resident children in this Commonwealth qualify for admission to a charter school within the provisions of subsection (b). If more students apply to the charter school than the number of attendance slots available in the school, then students must be selected on a random basis from a pool of qualified applicants meeting the established eligibility criteria and submitting an application by the deadline established by the charter school, except that the charter school may give preference in enrollment to a child of a parent who has actively participated in the development of the charter school and to siblings of students presently enrolled in the charter school. First preference shall be given to students who reside in the district or districts.

(b)  (1)  A charter school shall not discriminate in its admission policies or practices on the basis of intellectual ability, except as provided in paragraph (2), or athletic ability, measures of achievement or aptitude, status as a person with a disability, proficiency in the English language or any other basis that would be illegal if used by a school district.

(2)  A charter school may limit admission to a particular grade level, a targeted population group composed of at-risk students, or areas of concentration of the school such as mathematics, science or the arts. A charter school may establish reasonable criteria to evaluate prospective students which shall be outlined in the school's charter.

(c)  If available classroom space permits, a charter school may enroll nonresident students on a space-available basis, and the student's district of residence shall permit the student to attend the charter school. The terms and conditions of the enrollment shall be outlined in the school's charter.

(d)  (1)  Enrollment of students in a charter school or cyber charter school shall not be subject to a cap or otherwise limited by any past or future action of a board of school directors, a board of control established under Article XVII-B, a special board of control established under section 692 or any other governing authority, unless agreed to by the charter school or cyber charter school as part of a written charter pursuant to section 1720-A.

(2)  The provisions of this subsection shall apply to a charter school or cyber charter school regardless of whether the charter was approved prior to or is approved subsequent to the effective date of this subsection.

((d) added July 9, 2008, P.L.846, No.61)

(1723-A amended June 26, 1999, P.L.394, No.36)



Compiler's Note:  Section 34 of Act 61 of 2008, which added section 1723-A(d), provided that Act 61 shall apply retroactively to July 1 2008.