§ 3116.  Use of plan.
        (a)  General use of plan.--The State water plan is intended
     to serve as a policy and guidance document, providing
     information, objectives, priorities and recommendations to be
     considered and weighed in a broad range of State, local and
     private decisions. The State water plan is not intended to
     constitute or contain legally binding regulations, prohibitions
     or prescriptions.
        (b)  Specific uses of plan.--Among other uses, it is intended
     that the State water plan will be used to:
            (1)  Identify and prioritize water resource and water
        supply development projects to be carried out by private
        organizations or government agencies.
            (2)  Provide information to public and private decision
        makers regarding water availability to help guide efficient
        investment and economic development.
            (3)  Identify opportunities for improving operation of
        this Commonwealth's existing water resources infrastructure.
            (4)  Guide the development and implementation of policies
        and programs by State agencies that will reduce the risk of
        flooding, water shortages from drought and conflicts between
        water users or uses.
            (5)  Guide policies on activities that directly and
        significantly affect the quantity and quality of water
        available with the objective of balancing and encouraging
        multiple uses of water resources.
            (6)  Educate public officials and the public at large
        regarding the sources and uses of water in this Commonwealth.