§ 2712.  Assault on sports official.
        (a)  Offense defined.--A person who violates section 2701
     (relating to simple assault), where the victim is a sports
     official who was assaulted during a sports event or was
     assaulted as a result of his or her official acts as a sports
     official, is guilty of assault on a sports official.
        (b)  Grading.--Assault on a sports official is a misdemeanor
     of the first degree.
        (c)  Definitions.--As used in this section, the following
     words and phrases shall have the meanings given to them in this
        "Sports event."  Any interscholastic athletic activity in a
     junior high school, high school, college or university in this
     Commonwealth or any other organized athletic activity in this
     Commonwealth, including a professional or semiprofessional
        "Sports official."  A person at a sports event who enforces
     the rules of the event, such as an umpire or referee, or a
     person who supervises the participants, such as a coach. The
     term includes a trainer, team attendant, game manager, athletic
     director, assistant athletic director, president, dean,
     headmaster, principal and assistant principal of a school,
     college or university.
     (Feb. 14, 1990, P.L.54, No.7, eff. imd.)

        1990 Amendment.  Act 7 added section 2712.