1.  Qualifications of electors.
      2.  General election day.
      3.  Municipal election day; offices to be filled on election
      4.  Method of elections; secrecy in voting.
      5.  Electors privileged from arrest.
      6.  Election and registration laws.
      7.  Bribery of electors.
      8.  Witnesses in contested elections.
      9.  Fixing election districts.
     10.  Viva voce elections.
     11.  Election officers.
     12.  Disqualifications for service as election officer.
     13.  Contested elections.
     14.  Absentee voting.

        Adoption.  Unless otherwise noted, the provisions of present
     Article VII (formerly Article VIII) were adopted December 16,
     1873, 1874 P.L.3, effective January 1, 1874. The present article
     heading was amended May 16, 1967, P.L.1048, J.R.5, and the
     article was renumbered from VIII to VII by proclamation of the
     Governor of July 7, 1967, P.L.1063.
        Prior Provisions.  Former Article VII (Oath of Office) was
     repealed by amendment of May 17, 1966, 1965 P.L.1928, J.R.10.
     The subject matter is now contained in section 3 of Article VI
     (Public Officers).
     § 1.  Qualifications of electors.
        Every citizen 21 years of age, possessing the following
     qualifications, shall be entitled to vote at all elections
     subject, however, to such laws requiring and regulating the
     registration of electors as the General Assembly may enact.
        1.  He or she shall have been a citizen of the United States
     at least one month.
        2.  He or she shall have resided in the State 90 days
     immediately preceding the election.
        3.  He or she shall have resided in the election district
     where he or she shall offer to vote at least 60 days immediately
     preceding the election, except that if qualified to vote in an
     election district prior to removal of residence, he or she may,
     if a resident of Pennsylvania, vote in the election district
     from which he or she removed his or her residence within 60 days
     preceding the election.
     (Nov. 5, 1901, P.L.881, J.R.1; Nov. 7, 1933, P.L.1559, J.R.5;
     Nov. 3, 1959, P.L.2160, J.R.3; May 16, 1967, P.L.1048, J.R.5)

        Age of Electors.  The age at which a citizen is entitled to
     vote was changed from 21 to 18 years of age. See Amendment XXVI
     to the Constitution of the United States and section 701 of the
     act of June 3, 1937 (P.L.1333, No.320), known as the
     Pennsylvania Election Code.