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  Member Subject Introduced
5-04-2018 Rep. Angel Cruz Resolution Honoring the Lives and Memory of the Puerto Rican Service Members Killed in the Noncombat-Related Military Plane Crash on May 2, 2018. HR938 
4-20-2018 Rep. Angel Cruz Resolution Urging the Trump Administration to Not Include a Citizenship Question to the 2020 Decennial Census HR942 
4-09-2018 Rep. Angel Cruz Requiring Mental Health Notifications Be Reported to the Pennsylvania State Police within 72 Hours HB2267  HB2266 
3-27-2018 Rep. Angel Cruz Resolution Designating June 2018 as “Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Awareness Month” HR898 
1-26-2018 Rep. Angel Cruz The Rights of Individuals with Cognitive Disabilities to Technology and Information Access HR760 
1-16-2018 Rep. Angel Cruz Directing the Joint State Government Commission (JSGC) to conduct a study on pesticide exposure and poisoning, testing and reporting and issue a report HR759 
12-07-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Resolution Urging Congress to Recognize and Act upon the Results of the June 11, 2017 Puerto Rican Plebiscite HR636 
12-05-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Improving Food Safety by Labeling Pesticide Information HB1989 
10-20-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Resolution Recognizing Indigenous Peoples' Week and Month in October in Pennsylvania HR580 
10-05-2017 Rep. Emilio A. Vazquez and Rep. Angel Cruz Resolution – Jones Act Waiver Extension HR562 
10-05-2017 Rep. Emilio A. Vazquez and Rep. Angel Cruz, Rep. Rosita C. Youngblood Resolution Urging Emergency Support and Resources for Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands to Aid in Their Recovery from Hurricanes Irma and Maria. HR563 
9-27-2017 Rep. Emilio A. Vazquez and Rep. Angel Cruz Resolution Urging the United States Congress and President Trump to Allocate Resources to Help Puerto Rico and Its Residents Recover from Hurricane Maria HR538 
9-18-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Enforcement of Trash Laws – Disposal of Waste Tires in a City of the First Class HB1850 
9-06-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Resolution Condemning the Trump Administration’s Decision to End the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Program and Urging Congress to Act by Passing the DREAM Act of 2017. HR491 
9-05-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Gun Buyback Program HB1771 
8-30-2017 Rep. Jason Dawkins and Rep. Angel Cruz, Rep. John Taylor Officer Gary Frank Skerski Memorial Bridge HB1778 
8-04-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Resolution to Address Safety Hazards and Increase Public Awareness of State and Local Solicitation Law in Philadelphia. HR485 
6-23-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Animal Abuse Registry HB1647 
6-09-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Resolution Urging Congress to Recognize and Act upon the Results of the June 11, 2017 Puerto Rican Plebiscite HR404 
5-15-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Resolution Designating June 2017 as “Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Awareness Month HR354 
3-28-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Side Underride Protection Systems HB1084 
3-28-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Amend Public School Code Handwriting Instruction Required HB1083 
3-20-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Speed Humps in School Zone Pilot Program HB1096 
3-09-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Limiting the Department of Health’s Ability to Make Changes to the Newborn Child Screening and Follow-up Program HB1351 
3-02-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Public Assistance Monitoring Program – Legislation Addressing “Air Bridge” HB1080 
2-22-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Selective Service Registration Check Box on Driver’s License Applications (Former HB 2385) HB1035 
2-21-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Updating the Newborn Child Testing Act and Creating the Newborn Child Screening Program Account HB1081 
2-13-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz "Borinqueneers" Postage Stamp (Former HR 80) HR108 
1-25-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Cytomegalovirus Education and Newborn Screening Act (Former HB 1707) HB746 
1-25-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Resolution Designating September 15 through October 15 as “Hispanic Heritage Month” HR451 
1-25-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Resolution Designating September 2017 as “Newborn Screening Awareness Month” HR452 
1-25-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Resolution Designating September 2017 as “Leukodystrophy Awareness Month” HR453 
1-25-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Resolution Designating September 2017 as “Krabbe Disease Awareness Month” HR454 
1-25-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Sale of Toy or Imitation Firearms (Former HB 1545) HB682 
1-25-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Sickle Cell Testing Act (Former HB 1544) HB683 
1-25-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Summary offense for depositing unsolicited materials on property city of the first class (Former HB 1396) HB685 
1-25-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz County-wide School Assessments (Former HB 1395) HB686 
1-25-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Eliminate Waiting Period for Marriage Licenses (Former HB 1218) HB622 
1-25-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Firearm rental at shooting ranges (Former HB 1217) HB657 
1-25-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Expungement of mistaken identity arrest records (Former HB 722) HB659 
1-23-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Increase Election Officer Salaries in Cities of the First Class (Former HB 1216) HB621 
1-23-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Resolution providing for conduct of committee chairmen and action by the Speaker (Former HR 515) HR128 
1-23-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Suspension of Vehicle Registration for Failure to Respond to Citation HB745 
1-17-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Resolution directing the Legislative Budget & Finance Committee to review and report on the funds allocated to the school district of Philadelphia and urging the Auditor General to conduct a forensic audit (Former HR 681) HR127 
1-17-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Resolution Urging Congress to Make Selective Service Gender Neutral (Former HR 944) HR129 
1-17-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Urging the City of Philadelphia to Establish a Year Round Tire Removal Program (Former HR 79) HR126 
1-17-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Banning the use of Bisphenol A (BPA) in food and beverage container products (Former HB 546) HB688 
1-13-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Syringe-Exchange Program Safety Act (Former HB 2199) HB617 
1-13-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz School Bus Video Monitoring Systems (Former HB 2102) HB744 
1-13-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Drug Take Back and Disposal by Pharmacies (Former HB 2198) HB616 
1-13-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Pennsylvania Charter School Oversight Board (Former HB 2044) HB743 
1-13-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Increase Penalties for Providing Alcohol to Minors (Former HB 2045) HB619 
1-13-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Drug Testing of Members of the General Assembly (Former HB 1767) HB620 
1-13-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Cell Site Simulator Devices (Former HB 2046) HB618 
1-13-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Prohibit State and Local Police from Using Data Extraction Devices (Former HB 404) HB658 
1-13-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Diabetes Testing (Former HB 558) HB747 
1-13-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Prohibiting drivers from operating a motor vehicle while holding an animal (Former HB 556) HB749 
1-13-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Video surveillance in child day-care facilities (Former HB 554) HB742 
1-13-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Prohibiting the sale of expired baby and infant food, and over-the-counter drugs and establishing protocol for the sale of certain expired goods in Pennsylvania (Former HB 552) HB692 
1-13-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Requiring tow truck operators to obtain photographic evidence of the violation prior to the removal of an illegally parked vehicle in Philadelphia (Former HB 550) HB691 
1-13-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Prohibiting Firearms in the Capitol Complex (Former HB 543) HB684 
1-13-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Penalties for murdering an unborn child (Former HB 540) HB681 
1-13-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Physical Education Participation in Schools (Former HB 539) HB689 
1-13-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Prohibiting Cell Phones in Public Schools (Former HB 536) HB690 
1-12-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Prohibiting the Use of Wireless Communications Devices While Despensing Fuel (Former HB 535) HB687 
1-12-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Peanut free zones and guidelines for managing life-threatening food allergies in Schools and child day care centers (Former HB 533 and 534) HB693  HB694 
1-12-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Firearm Registration Act (Former HB 503) HB610 
1-12-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Drone Legislation (Former HB 409) HB614 
1-12-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Court-Ordered Community Service in Lieu of Vehicle Code Fines and Costs (Former HB 408) HB615 
1-12-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Amending Title 75 to Prohibit Turning into Gas Station and Parking Lots to Avoid a Traffic Light (Former HB 407) HB613 
1-12-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Driver’s License Requirement to Operate Governmental Vehicle (Former HB 405) HB611 
1-12-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Preventing Drivers from Returning to their Vehicle Immediately After a D.U.I. Arrest (Former HB 399) HB656 
1-12-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Abolishing the School Reform Commission and providing for local control of the Philadelphia School District (Former HB 213) HB654 
1-12-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Referendum: Dissolve the School Reform Commission and Establish an Elected School Board in First Class School Districts (Former HB 212) HB655 
1-12-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Driver's Licenses for Certain Immigrants (Former HB 211) HB660 
1-12-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Lead Testing Package (Former HB 1917, 1918, 1919 and 2287) HB666  HB667  HB668  HB669 
1-11-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Amend the Institution of Purely Public Charity Act Relating to Certain Institutions of Higher Education. HB748 
1-11-2017 Rep. Angel Cruz Firearm Eligibility License HB680