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Session of 2013 - 2014 Regular Session

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  Member Subject Introduced
9-24-2014 Sen. Mike Folmer Recognizing October 2014 as Music Therapy Month in Pennsylvania SR472 
9-05-2014 Sen. Mike Folmer Resolution Recognizing the Week of September 14, 2014 as "InfantSEE" Week in the Commonwealth SR432 
6-24-2014 Sen. Mike Folmer Keystone Exams SB1450 
6-11-2014 Sen. Andrew E. Dinniman and Sen. Robert M. Tomlinson, Sen. Mike Folmer, Sen. James R. Brewster Limitations on Assessments
5-29-2014 Sen. Mike Folmer Repeal of Antiquated Provisions of the School Code SB1388 
5-13-2014 Sen. Mike Folmer College Savings Plans SB1404  SB1403 
4-15-2014 Sen. Mike Folmer and Sen. Mike Brubaker, Sen. Scott E. Hutchinson Small Business Tax Reform Package SB1417  SB1418  SB1416 
4-08-2014 Sen. Mike Folmer and Sen. Lloyd K. Smucker Resolution: May 6, 2014 as “Wishbone Day” in Pennsylvania SR386 
3-21-2014 Sen. Rob Teplitz and Sen. John R. Gordner, Sen. Mike Folmer Resolution - 100th Anniversary of the Dauphin County Library System SR346 
2-20-2014 Sen. Mike Folmer Transparency Amendment to Uniform Planned Community Act (UPCA) SB1302 
1-24-2014 Sen. Mike Folmer Conflicts of Interest – School Districts SB1258 
1-15-2014 Sen. Mike Folmer Oaths of Office – School Districts SB1234 
1-10-2014 Sen. Mike Folmer Catholic Schools Week Resolution (January 26 through February 1, 2014) SR286 
11-20-2013 Sen. Mike Folmer and Sen. Daylin Leach The Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Act SB1182 
11-13-2013 Sen. Mike Folmer College to University Designation SB1205 
10-18-2013 Sen. Mike Folmer Liberty Amendments SR257  SR260  SR256  SR259  SR252  SR253  SR261  SR258  SR251  SR254  SR255 
10-03-2013 Sen. Mike Folmer Restricting Public Pensions for Future Association Employees SB1169 
9-18-2013 Sen. Mike Folmer Establishing the Pennsylvania Long-Term Care Council SB1123 
8-22-2013 Sen. Mike Folmer Study of Pennsylvania’s Construction Laws SR207 
7-31-2013 Sen. Mike Folmer Resolution Calling for Reinstatement of Glass-Steagall SR188 
7-22-2013 Sen. Mike Folmer Right to Work SB1073 
6-20-2013 Sen. Mike Folmer Permitting Exemption of Grain Bins Over 7-Feet Wide SB1041 
6-12-2013 Sen. Mike Folmer Resolution: June 24, 2013 as Smith-Lemli-Oplitz Syndrome Awareness Day SR168 
5-20-2013 Sen. Mike Folmer Waste-to-Energy Legislation SB1015 
5-09-2013 Sen. Rob Teplitz and Sen. Mike Folmer, Sen. John P. Blake, Sen. John H. Eichelberger, Jr., Sen. Lisa M. Boscola Bipartisan Municipal Debt Bill #4: First Class city swap ban SB904 
5-08-2013 Sen. John P. Blake and Sen. John H. Eichelberger, Jr., Sen. Rob Teplitz, Sen. Mike Folmer Bipartisan Municipal Debt Bill #2: Ethics Commission & Municipal Authorities SB902 
5-08-2013 Sen. John H. Eichelberger, Jr. and Sen. John P. Blake, Sen. Mike Folmer, Sen. Rob Teplitz Bipartisan Municipal Debt Bill #1-Local Government Unit Debt Act SB901 
5-08-2013 Sen. Mike Folmer and Sen. Rob Teplitz, Sen. John H. Eichelberger, Jr., Sen. John P. Blake, Sen. Lisa M. Boscola, Sen. Patrick M. Browne Bipartisan Municipal Debt Bill #3: LGUDA Swap Ban SB903 
4-16-2013 Sen. Mike Folmer Elimination of Senator's Signatures on Notary Applications SB1001 
4-15-2013 Sen. Mike Folmer Liberty Preservation Act (NDAA Noncompliance) SB999 
3-15-2013 Sen. Mike Folmer Pennsylvania Drone Moratorium SB875 
3-11-2013 Sen. Mike Folmer Special Education Resolution SR71 
2-21-2013 Sen. Mike Folmer Cord Blood Bank Act SB805 
1-29-2013 Sen. Mike Folmer Resolution: May 2013 as Childhood Stroke Awareness Month in Pennsylvania SR119 
1-24-2013 Sen. Andrew E. Dinniman and Sen. Mike Folmer Career and Technical Education Month SR16 
1-22-2013 Sen. David G. Argall and Sen. Mike Folmer, Sen. Judith L. Schwank, Sen. John T. Yudichak Property Tax Independence Act SB76 
1-07-2013 Sen. Mike Folmer Registered Apprenticeship Program Update (Previously SB 1248) SB595 
1-07-2013 Sen. Mike Folmer Catholic Schools Week Resolution (January 27 - February 1, 2013) SR10 
1-04-2013 Sen. Mike Folmer Military Instruction (Previously SB 1456) SB437 
1-04-2013 Sen. Mike Folmer 0% Inheritance Tax for Disabled Child Beneficiaries (Previously SB 1201) SB383 
12-14-2012 Sen. Mike Folmer Openness and Transparency – Procurement Code (Previously SB 1200) SB369 
12-13-2012 Sen. Mike Folmer Local Tax Enabling Act Amendments (Previously SB 1427) SB491 
12-12-2012 Sen. Mike Folmer Municipal Reforms SB296  SB292  SB293  SB294  SB295 
12-11-2012 Sen. Mike Folmer Healthy Pennsylvania Package SB343  SB344  SB345  SB346  SB348  SB342  SB349  SB347  SB350 
12-10-2012 Sen. Mike Folmer Tax Me More Fund (Previously SB 324) SB322 
12-07-2012 Sen. Mike Folmer Taxpayer-Funded Advertising Transparency Act (Previously SB 109) SB279 
12-06-2012 Sen. Mike Folmer Repeal of Insurance Department Reporting Requirements (Previously SB 1591) SB194 
12-04-2012 Sen. Mike Folmer Voters' Choice Act (Previously SB 21) SB195 
12-03-2012 Sen. Mike Folmer Taxpayer Protection Act (Previously SB 7) SB7