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74 Results are displayed below for co-sponsorship memoranda by Representative Angel Cruz .

  Member Subject Introduced
9-15-2016 Rep. Angel Cruz Selective Service Registration Check Box on Driver’s License Applications HB2385 
9-01-2016 Rep. Angel Cruz Resolution Designating September 2016 as “Krabbe Disease Awareness Month” HR993 
9-01-2016 Rep. Angel Cruz Resolution Designating September 2016 as “Leukodystrophy Awareness Month” HR994 
9-01-2016 Rep. Angel Cruz Resolution Designating September 2016 as “Newborn Screening Awareness Month” HR995 
8-17-2016 Rep. Angel Cruz Resolution Designating September 15 through October 15 as “Hispanic Heritage Month” HR989 
8-16-2016 Rep. Angel Cruz Resolution Recognizing Luis Figueroa-Roig HR990 
7-11-2016 Rep. Angel Cruz Lead Testing of Day Cares HB2287 
6-16-2016 Rep. Angel Cruz Resolution Urging Congress to Make Selective Service Gender Neutral HR944 
6-16-2016 Rep. Angel Cruz Drug Take Back and Disposal by Pharmacies HB2198 
6-15-2016 Rep. Angel Cruz Syringe-Exchange Program Safety Act HB2199 
5-19-2016 Rep. Angel Cruz School Bus Video Monitoring System HB2102 
4-27-2016 Rep. Angel Cruz Pennsylvania Charter School Oversight Board HB2044 
3-31-2016 Rep. Angel Cruz Increase Penalties for Providing Alcohol to Minors HB2045 
3-21-2016 Rep. Angel Cruz and Rep. Michael H. Schlossberg Lead Testing Package HB1919  HB1917  HB1918 
3-21-2016 Rep. Angel Cruz Limiting the Department of Health’s Ability to Make Changes to the Newborn Child Screening and Follow-up Program HB2096 
2-18-2016 Rep. Angel Cruz Cell Site Simulator Devices HB2046 
1-15-2016 Rep. Angel Cruz SUBJECT: Resolution directing the Legislative Budget & Finance Committee to review and report on the funds allocated to the school district of Philadelphia and urging the Auditor General to conduct a forensic audit. HR681 
12-09-2015 Rep. Angel Cruz Drug Testing of Members of the General Assembly HB1767 
11-25-2015 Rep. Angel Cruz Puerto Rico Financial Distress and Political Self-Determination Resolution Urging Congressional Action HR610 
10-08-2015 Rep. Angel Cruz Cytomegalovirus Education and Newborn Screening Act HB1707 
9-24-2015 Rep. Angel Cruz Resolution providing for conduct of committee chairmen and action by the Speaker HR515 
9-22-2015 Rep. Angel Cruz Resolution designating Spanish as the official language of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. HR539 
9-22-2015 Rep. Angel Cruz Resolution urging Congress to designate Spanish as the official language of the United States HR538 
9-02-2015 Rep. Angel Cruz Resolution Designating September 2015 as “Newborn Screening Awareness Month” HR479 
9-01-2015 Rep. Angel Cruz Resolution Designating September 2015 as “Leukodystrophy Awareness Month” HR478 
8-31-2015 Rep. Angel Cruz Newborn Screening in PA - SCID HB1546 
8-31-2015 Rep. Angel Cruz Resolution Recognizing the Democratic State Committee Latino Task Force, Latino Caucus and its Members HR477 
8-28-2015 Rep. Angel Cruz Resolution Honoring Captain Peter Crespo, Station Captain of Ladder 22 of the Philadelphia Fire Department HR476 
8-28-2015 Rep. Angel Cruz Resolution Honoring Jose Molina, Executive Director of the Governor’s Advisory Commission on Latino Affairs HR475 
8-28-2015 Rep. Angel Cruz Resolution Designating September 15 through October 15 as “Hispanic Heritage Month” HR474 
8-07-2015 Rep. Angel Cruz Sale of Toy or Imitation Firearms HB1545 
7-24-2015 Rep. Angel Cruz Sickle Cell Testing Act HB1544 
6-09-2015 Rep. Angel Cruz Permanent extension of the Internet Tax Freedom Act and supporting H.R. No. 235 HR407 
6-05-2015 Rep. Angel Cruz Summary offense for depositing unsolicited materials on property city of the first class HB1396 
5-13-2015 Rep. Angel Cruz County-wide School Assessments HB1395 
4-22-2015 Rep. Angel Cruz Firearm rental at shooting ranges HB1217 
4-21-2015 Rep. Angel Cruz Eliminate Waiting Period for Marriage Licenses HB1218 
4-15-2015 Rep. Angel Cruz Increase Election Officer Salaries in Cities of the First Class HB1216 
2-23-2015 Rep. Angel Cruz Resolution Designating April 2015 as “Krabbe Disease Awareness Month” HR147 
2-18-2015 Rep. Angel Cruz Legislation Ensuring the Termination of Parental Rights for Rapists HB721 
2-18-2015 Rep. Angel Cruz Expungement of mistaken identity arrest records HB722 
2-10-2015 Rep. Angel Cruz Philadelphia Civil Forfeitures and funding for the Philadelphia School District (Former HB 2535) HB531 
2-10-2015 Rep. Angel Cruz Preventing “prosecuting for profit” in Philadelphia civil forfeitures cases HB532 
2-10-2015 Rep. Angel Cruz Peanut free zones and guidelines for managing life-threatening food allergies in Schools and child day care centers HB534  HB533 
2-10-2015 Rep. Angel Cruz Prohibiting the Use of Wireless Communications Devices While Despensing Fuel (Former HB 948) HB535 
2-10-2015 Rep. Angel Cruz Prohibiting Cell Phones in Public Schools (Former HB 956) HB536 
2-10-2015 Rep. Angel Cruz Physical Education Participation in Schools (Former HB 966) HB539 
2-10-2015 Rep. Angel Cruz Penalties for murdering an unborn child (Former HB 953) HB540 
2-10-2015 Rep. Angel Cruz Prohibiting Firearms in the Capitol Complex (Former HB 954) HB543 
2-10-2015 Rep. Angel Cruz Banning the use of Bisphenol A (BPA) in food and beverage container products (Former HB 951) HB546 
2-09-2015 Rep. Angel Cruz Reporting Fraudulent Driver’s License or ID Card Addresses (Former HB 949) HB548 
2-09-2015 Rep. Angel Cruz Requiring tow truck operators to obtain photographic evidence of the violation prior to the removal of an illegally parked vehicle in Philadelphia HB550 
2-09-2015 Rep. Angel Cruz Prohibiting the sale of expired baby and infant food, and over-the-counter drugs and establishing protocol for the sale of certain expired goods in Pennsylvania HB552 
2-09-2015 Rep. Angel Cruz Video surveillance in child day-care facilities (Former HB 952) HB554 
2-09-2015 Rep. Angel Cruz Prohibiting drivers from operating a motor vehicle while holding an animal (Former HB 944) HB556 
2-09-2015 Rep. Angel Cruz Diabetes Testing (Former HB 958) HB558 
2-09-2015 Rep. Angel Cruz Resolution Honoring Representative Rosita Youngblood HR86 
2-06-2015 Rep. Angel Cruz Firearm Registration Act (Former HB 239) HB503 
12-30-2014 Rep. Angel Cruz Hannah Ginion Condolence Resolution HR146 
12-19-2014 Rep. Angel Cruz Abolishing the School Reform Commission and providing for local control of the Philadelphia School District HB213 
12-16-2014 Rep. Angel Cruz Drone Legislation (Former HB 961) HB409 
12-16-2014 Rep. Angel Cruz Court-Ordered Community Service in Lieu of Vehicle Code Fines and Costs (Former HB 962) HB408 
12-16-2014 Rep. Angel Cruz Amending Title 75 to Prohibit Turning into Gas Station and Parking Lots to Avoid a Traffic Light (Former HB 963) HB407 
12-16-2014 Rep. Angel Cruz Driver’s License Requirement to Operate Governmental Vehicle (Former HB 965) HB405 
12-16-2014 Rep. Angel Cruz Prohibit State and Local Police from Using Data Extraction Devices (Former HB 957) HB404 
12-16-2014 Rep. Angel Cruz Urging the City of Philadelphia to Establish a Year Round Tire Removal Program (Former HR 142) HR79 
12-16-2014 Rep. Angel Cruz Mandating Poll Watchers to be Certified and Trained (Former HB 959) HB403 
12-16-2014 Rep. Angel Cruz Legislation Mandating Police to Report to the Scene of Automobile Accidents (Former HB 955) HB402 
12-16-2014 Rep. Angel Cruz Referendum: Dissolve the School Reform Commission and Establish an Elected School Board in First Class School Districts (Former HB 947) HB212 
12-15-2014 Rep. Angel Cruz Driver's Licenses for Certain Immigrants (Former HB1520) HB211 
12-15-2014 Rep. Angel Cruz "Borinqueneers" Postage Stamp (Former HR 312) HR80 
12-15-2014 Rep. Angel Cruz Protecting Pennsylvanians’ Privacy Act (Former HB1757) HB401 
12-15-2014 Rep. Angel Cruz Preventing Drivers from Returning to their Vehicle Immediately After a D.U.I. Arrest (Former HB 2534) HB399 
12-11-2014 Rep. Angel Cruz Resolution Declaring 2015 as the “Year of the Borinqueneers” in Pennsylvania HR94