1Urging the Congress of the United States, the Department of
2Defense and the Base Realignment and Closure Commission to
3take every action necessary to protect existing military
4bases in this Commonwealth.

5WHEREAS, During the 2005 Federal Base Realignment and Closure
6(BRAC) Commission reductions, this Commonwealth lost a greater
7percentage of positions in the four prior rounds of the BRAC
8Commission than any other state, with a total loss of 16,033
9jobs consisting of 3,009 military and 13,024 civilian positions;

11WHEREAS, This Commonwealth has:

12(1) Two hundred and thirteen thousand Pennsylvania jobs
13from defense spending;

14(2) Thirty billion dollars from defense contributing to
15the Pennsylvania economy;

16(3) Four billion one hundred million dollars from
17Department of Defense contracts issued October 1 through
18December 31, 2013, for work completed in Pennsylvania;

1(4) Eighteen thousand nine hundred and thirteen full-
2time direct Pennsylvania jobs lost to the BRAC process to


5WHEREAS, The Pennsylvania National Guard is one of the top
6ten employers in this Commonwealth; and

7WHEREAS, In 2009, it was estimated that the National Guard
8provided an economic impact of $1.5 billion on the Pennsylvania
9economy; and

10WHEREAS, This Commonwealth has a proud military tradition and
11heritage dating back to 1747; and

12WHEREAS, In 1747, Benjamin Franklin led some 600 volunteers
13to provide for a common defense against Indian raiders and
14French privateers; and

15WHEREAS, The volunteers are recognized as the foundation of
16the Pennsylvania National Guard; and

17WHEREAS, In 1755, the Assembly of the Province of
18Pennsylvania passed the first militia act, which formally
19authorized a volunteer militia; and

20WHEREAS, Today, the Pennsylvania National Guard has 19,000
21members, including 3,000 full-time members and 16,000
22traditional part-time members; and

23WHEREAS, The Commander of the Pennsylvania National Guard is
24the Adjunct General; and

25WHEREAS, The Adjutant General is responsible for a joint
26military force, comprised of Air Force and Army units; and

27WHEREAS, The Joint Force Headquarters is located at Fort
28Indiantown Gap, Lebanon County; and

29WHEREAS, In time of war or national emergency, or in support
30of any military operation worldwide, the President can mobilize

1units of the Pennsylvania National Guard into active Federal
2service; and

3WHEREAS, Pennsylvania units have taken part in every conflict
4America has faced, from the Revolutionary War through Iraqi
5Freedom, as well as ongoing peacekeeping missions in Kosovo,
6Bosnia and elsewhere; and

7WHEREAS, Since September 11, 2001, the Pennsylvania National
8Guard has seen over 35,000 deployments in support of the Global
9War on Terror; and

10WHEREAS, In the event of natural disaster or civil emergency,
11the Governor can order the National Guard personnel and
12equipment into service to assist State and local authorities.
13For example, in September 2005, in the wake of Hurricanes
14Katrina and Rita, 2,500 of our soldiers and airmen were deployed
15to the Gulf Coast within a few days of the storms to provide
16communications, humanitarian assistance and force protection;

18WHEREAS, The Pennsylvania National Guard offers broad support
19to the civilian community, including the Counterdrug Program;

21WHEREAS, Guard members serve as role models, as well as
22community volunteers and civic leaders, which are living
23examples of citizenship at its best; and

24WHEREAS, The Pennsylvania National Guard is one of the
25largest National Guards in the nation; and

26WHEREAS, With armories and air bases in some 90 communities,
27the National Guard's presence blankets this Commonwealth; and

28WHEREAS, Current operational military installations in the
29Commonwealth include, but are not limited to:

30(1) Fort Indiantown Gap, Annville, located in Lebanon

1County, serves as the headquarters for the Department of
2Military Affairs and the Pennsylvania National Guard; and

3(2) Carlisle Barracks, the second oldest military base
4in the United States is part of the United States Army
5Training and Doctrine Command and hosts the well-known Army
6War College; and

7(3) Tobyhanna Army Depot, a military base in Coolbaugh
8Township in the eastern part of this Commonwealth; and

9(4) The New Cumberland Army Depot, located in Fairview
10Township, just outside of Harrisburg; and

11(5) Letterkenny, located near Chambersburg, comprises
1217,500 acres and is one of the top three employers in
13Franklin County; and

14(6) Naval Support Activity Mechanicsburg, one of the few
15military facilities run by the United States Navy in this
16Commonwealth; and

17(7) Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base, in Willow
18Grove, is located on Route 611 in Horsham Township,
19Montgomery County; and

20(8) Edgemont United States Army Reserve Center, located
21near Ridley Creek State Park outside of Philadelphia; and

22(9) The 911th Airlift Wing, located in Moon Township;

24(10) Charles E. Kelly Support Facility, located in
25Oakdale just outside of Pittsburgh; and

26(11) Philadelphia National Guard Facility; and

27(12) Wilkes-Barre Kingston Army National Guard Facility;
28therefore be it

29RESOLVED, That the Senate urge the Congress of the United
30States, the Department of Defense and the Base Realignment and

1Closure Commission to take every action necessary to protect
2existing military bases in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; and
3be it further

4RESOLVED, That the Senate support maintaining all military
5facilities in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and urge the
6Congress, the Department of Defense and the Base Realignment and
7Closure Commission to support the same; and be it further

8RESOLVED, That copies of this resolution be transmitted to
9the members of Pennsylvania Congressional Delegation, the
10Secretary of Defense and the Base Realignment and Closure