1Designating the month of February 2014 as "Turner Syndrome
2Awareness Month" in Pennsylvania.

3WHEREAS, Turner Syndrome is a noninheritable chromosomal
4disorder that affects one in 2,500 live female births; and

5WHEREAS, Earlier diagnosis will help the girls and women get
6a complete cardiac screening; and

7WHEREAS, Risk for acute aortic dissection is increased by
8more than a hundredfold in young and middle-aged women with
9Turner Syndrome; and

10WHEREAS, Early diagnosis facilitates prevention or
11remediation of growth failure, hearing problems and learning
12difficulties; and

13WHEREAS, Individuals with Turner Syndrome have an increased
14risk of a nonverbal learning disorder that can cause problems in
15math, visual-spatial skills, executive-function skills and job
16retention; and

17WHEREAS, A disproportionately small amount of funding is

1available for Turner Syndrome research and support; and

2WHEREAS, With the help of medical specialists and a good
3social support system, a woman with Turner Syndrome can live a
4happy and healthy life; and

5WHEREAS, The establishment of Turner Syndrome Awareness Month
6will provide the opportunity to share experience and information
7and raise public awareness about Turner Syndrome; therefore be

9RESOLVED, That the Senate designate the month of February
102014 as "Turner Syndrome Awareness Month" in Pennsylvania.