1Directing the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee to
2conduct a study on the feasibility and effectiveness of
3converting the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation
4Authority bus system to natural gas fuel.

5WHEREAS, Natural gas vehicles, when designed to run on
6natural gas alone, are cleaner burning than traditionally fueled
7vehicles due to the chemical composition, resulting in
8substantial air quality benefits; and

9WHEREAS, Full replacement of conventionally fueled transit
10buses with natural gas could displace significant gallons of
11petroleum-based fuels annually; and

12WHEREAS, Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority
13buses serve tens of thousands of destinations throughout the
14southeast Pennsylvania region; and

15WHEREAS, The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation
16Authority buses are a major contributor to air quality impacts;
17therefore be it

18RESOLVED, That the Senate direct the Legislative Budget and

1Finance Committee to study the feasibility, including cost,
2time, technology and infrastructure, to convert the Southeastern
3Pennsylvania Transportation Authority bus fleet to 100% natural
4gas fuel; and be it further

5RESOLVED, That the committee issue its study to the Senate by
6November 30, 2013.