1Amending the act of August 9, 1955 (P.L.323, No.130), entitled,
2as amended, "An act relating to counties of the first, third,
3fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth classes; amending,
4revising, consolidating and changing the laws relating
5thereto; relating to imposition of excise taxes by counties,
6including authorizing imposition of an excise tax on the
7rental of motor vehicles by counties of the first class; and
8providing for regional renaissance initiatives," further
9providing for reimbursement of district attorney

11The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
12hereby enacts as follows:

13Section 1. Section 1401(p) of the act of August 9, 1955
14(P.L.323, No.130), known as The County Code, amended July 14,
152005 (P.L.312, No.57), is amended to read:

16Section 1401. District Attorney; Qualifications;
17Eligibility; Compensation.--* * *

18(p) The Commonwealth shall [annually] reimburse each county
19with a full-time district attorney an amount equal to sixty-five
20per cent of the district attorney's annual salary.

21Section 2. This act shall take effect immediately.