1Amending Title 18 (Crimes and Offenses) of the Pennsylvania
2Consolidated Statutes, in firearms and other dangerous
3articles, further providing for carrying firearms and for

5The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
6hereby enacts as follows:

7Section 1. Sections 6106(b)(15) introductory paragraph and
86109(k)(1) of Title 18 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes
9are amended to read:

10§ 6106. Firearms not to be carried without a license.

11* * *

12(b) Exceptions.--The provisions of subsection (a) shall not
13apply to:

14* * *

15(15) Any person who is not a resident of this 
16Commonwealth and possesses a valid and lawfully issued
17license or permit to carry a firearm which has been issued
18under the laws of another state, regardless of whether a
19reciprocity agreement exists between the Commonwealth and the

1state under section 6109(k), provided:

2* * *

3§ 6109. Licenses.

4* * *

5(k) Reciprocity.--

6(1) The Attorney General shall have the power and duty
7to enter into reciprocity agreements with other states
8providing for the mutual recognition of a license to carry a
9firearm issued by the Commonwealth and a license or permit to
10carry a firearm issued by the other state. To carry out this
11duty, the Attorney General is authorized to negotiate
12reciprocity agreements and grant recognition of a license or
13permit to carry a firearm issued by another state. An 
14agreement under this paragraph:

15(i) must provide that a license or permit issued by
16another state to an individual who is a resident of this
17Commonwealth is not recognized by the Commonwealth unless
18the individual also has a license issued by the
19Commonwealth; and

20(ii) is void if it does not meet the condition under
21subparagraph (i).

22* * *

23Section 2. This act shall take effect in 60 days.