1Authorizing the purchase of health insurance from out-of-State

3The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
4hereby enacts as follows:

5Section 1. Short title.

6This act shall be known and may be cited as the Foreign
7Health Insurance Purchase Act.

8Section 2. Definitions.

9The following words and phrases when used in this act shall
10have the meanings given to them in this section unless the
11context clearly indicates otherwise:

12"Department." The Insurance Department of the Commonwealth.

13"Foreign insurer." Any of the following entities, if 
14licensed by another state to sell health insurance in that state 
15and if not prohibited under the laws of that state from selling 
16health insurance to the residents of this Commonwealth: an 
17insurance company, association, exchange, interinsurance 
18exchange, health maintenance organization, preferred provider 

1organization, professional health services plan corporation, a 
2hospital plan corporation, fraternal benefits society, 
3beneficial association, Lloyd's insurer or health plan 

5"Health insurance." An individual or group health insurance 
6policy, subscriber contract, certificate or plan that provides 
7medical or health care coverage by a health care facility or 
8licensed health care provider.

9Section 3. Right to purchase health insurance from foreign

11Notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, a
12resident of this Commonwealth shall have the right to purchase
13health insurance from a foreign insurer, regardless of whether
14the foreign insurer is licensed or in compliance with the laws
15of this Commonwealth.

16Section 4. Public notice.

17The department shall publish a notice on its Internet website
18that explains the right of a resident of this Commonwealth under
19this act to purchase health insurance from a foreign insurer.
20The department may include in the notice information that a
21resident might find helpful in making a decision to purchase
22health insurance from a foreign insurer.

23Section 20. Effective date.

24This act shall take effect in 60 days.